søndag, juni 30, 2013

End of June garden

The last day of June, and this is what my garden looks like now. I have definitely seen it look better, and probably never seen it look worse... I blame it on the cold spring, and the (yet again!) wet summer.

Everything seems to be late this year... the roses, perennials, strawberries (the less than becoming blue netting is there to protect them from the birds... and the occasional rabbit) and definitely the veggies. But keeping in mind what all this looked like only less thank two short months ago, it probably is no wonder.

Now I am truly hoping for some warmer and drier weather, so that the garden can catch up. On the other hand, if it does not, the upside is that the garden is there to be enjoyed for longer... as long as it is 'done' by autumn and before the frosts set in...

Luckily the frosts are still way away (hopefully by several months) and there is plenty of garden joys to look forward to. I can hardly wait to be able to taste the sweetness of the very first strawberry.

On a different note; I understand changes are afoot with blogger, as of tomorrow. I am no good at keeping up with it, so should my blog disappear into thin air, all I can say is... it has been nice 'knowing' you.

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Vintage Sheet Addict sa...

I will still find you! Yes our gardens, especially the veg aren't doing as well this year, my pet slugs aren't complaining though....they're have a feast! :) x

Kyroushka sa...

I would not like to have to miss you again, Mia! So, I will find you, too. In the meantime, enjoy your strawberries. Here in the Netherlands, we eat them on round, toasted bread (beschuit). And they are ripe! Finally.

Helen sa...

Skal du slutte og å blogge...?
Håper ikke det....alltid en fryd å kikke innom deg, og dine nydelige bilder.

God sommer :)

serendipity sa...

Your garden looks beautiful. Everything is very late here too, the strawberries are only just beginning to turn red. Don't worry, it's only Google reader that's going, you won't disappear! xx

Frances sa...

Mia, I think that whatever blogger might put into effect with the first day of July, I will continue to visit this beautiful post.

I am actually more concerned about about how our shared world does seem to have sent us more signals about climate change this spring.

Over here in New York, and in the States, we seem to think sometimes that what goes on here is all that matters. Clearly that's not true.

One reason that I do love connecting with fellow bloggers around the globe is to have a better idea of how our live are similar and different. I continue to think that we do live similar lives.


Sandra sa...

Your blog has not disappeared this morning on the first day of July! It is only Blogger Reader which disappeared. I never used it anyway! As I still have all the blogs I like to follow in the same place they always were, but I joined "Feedly" and put up a widget so that others can follow me that way if they need an alternative!
I love all the photos of your luscious garden!

Anonym sa...

I really enjoy your fine blog. I hope that you don't stop blogging. You inspire me so much with your fien garden pictures. All lovely flowers and vegetables and with pictures from your home, your fine hens and all the lovley quilts and pillows. All the lovley colors, roses and everything. I become so happy everytime open your blog.

Anonym sa...

Lovely garden photos, don't disappear I missed you so much last time xxBrenda

aimee sa...

Love the photos of your garden--beautiful! I wish I could send you a bit of our sunshine and warmer temperatures...hoping you will soon see more summery weather:)

Gry Karlsen sa...

Så mange vakre sommerbilder!
Ønsker deg fine solrike julidager! :)

Pondside sa...

I'll always find you, Mia!
I hope that some of the hot, dry weather that we're enjoying will waft across the continent and ocean and end up blessing you!

brandy1 sa...

No you haven't disappeared Mia. Iam reading this on the 2nd July. To me your garden looks superb. Do like reading your blog. By from N.Z Shirley

~ ♥ LISBETH ♥~ sa...

Hei Mia!
Er innom en tur og nyter av hagen din.Synes den er perfekt! Du har mye mer som blomstrer enn det jeg har, her står det helt i stampe, men den som venter på noe fint, venter ikke forgjeves, får en håpe.
Videre god sommer.

Anonym sa...

Hej Mia,
I agree this year it seems that there's no Summer.... in my opinion this wet sunshine has not earned the designation summer!
Greetings from Switzerland

Anonym sa...

Je découvre ce blog fleuri et je suis en admiration devant un tel jardin, devant ces jolies créations en tricot ... et je reviendrai !
Bon début de juillet !
Nedj from France

Roséemimie sa...

Il love your garden is so nice !!! You have many chance to have a lovely garden and flowers in a south of France is dificult to have the same !!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. sa...

Oh my
such beauty
as I scroll through blogs
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