mandag, februar 04, 2013

Oh no...!

It has been snowing heavily all day. So of course the spring feelings in my previous post turned out to be premature. I should have known, as this really is the norm in February, not the green grass and the spring in my (and the hen´s) step.

So what does one do to cheer oneself up on a snowy February day, when one really would rather have anything else but snow...? Baking some buns came to mind. So buns it is.

There really is hardly anything more comforting than the lovely scent of freshly baked buns in the air. Closely followed by a hot cup of tea, of course.

The buns (not all of them, but a fair few...) were enjoyed with homemade currant jam (black and red combined, from bushes in my garden). Comfort food fit for a queen ;-)

And now (seeing my bed is still unmade from last night, and the snow does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon) I feel like going under the covers again. Maybe it is as good a place as any to wait till the grass is green again and there is birdsong in the air...

What do you do to cheer yourself up on a snow day?

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Butterfly sa...

Hi Mia

I intend to enjoy a few cinnamon rolls and tea with my daughters this evening, light a few candles..

It is beautiful out side with all the snow, but I long for spring as well!

Have a great Monday afternoon ♥


Anonym sa...

Hei, Mia!

Bollene dine ser fantastisk gode ut! Og med en kopp te eller kaffe til, kan man jo nesten ikke ha det bedre en vinterdag:) Selv har jeg akkurat nå bestilt neste reise til Australia! Vi er ute i god tid, vi snakker neste jul, men allerede nå fornemmer jeg varmen og den berusende duften av blomster og lyden av eksotiske fugler i trærne... - og gleder meg vilt til å se mine kjære igjen. Så da kan det bare sne her hjemme! Det er forresten ganske så fint, det også:)

Hilsen Tine S.

serendipity sa...

Those buns and jam look yummy. In bed seems to be the best place to be when the weather is freezing, especially with your beautiful pillows. xx

Tracy sa...

Your photos are always so gorgeous, and make me feel at home... but that jam on the quilt...careful!

Debbie sa...

Sounds exactly like something I would do as well on a day like that! Enjoy the buns and jam!

Lorrie sa...

Buns with jam and tea sound like the perfect accompaniment to a snow day. We haven't had any snow yet this year. If it were to snow here, and I keep hoping, I would make some tea and sit by the window watching snowflakes twirl to the ground.

Xelena sa...

I baked muffins today (it's snowing heavily today) and got on the sofa with a book. :-)

lavendel mio sa...

Så herlig bollene ser ut:)
Fine vintersysler å bake og bare kose seg:)
Jeg baker også, så det dufter i hele huset, og det brenner i peisen:)
Men så har jeg også kost meg med vårbilder som ligger å frister i bildemappene mine:)
Herlig innlegg lengre nede her:)
Ha en fin uke!
Klem Hanne

Helen sa...

Uff, dette høres veldig flåsete ut, men jeg flyttet fra hele snø (helvete) til Italia - hvor vi bor mye av vinteren - her er det "bar" asfalt og jeg kan gå i sko -
me love ;)))

Hold ut - våren vil komme, engang..................:)

Anonym sa...

Hi Mia,
Sounds like the perfect way to spend a snowy day! Gorgeous pics!
I love your pillows! Beautiful!
Wishing you a great week.

Greetings from Elsie in Texas!

Betsy sa...

Beautiful pictures! I understand the snow, we have it too but I am very ready for springtime. May I come visit and have some buns and tea? It looks so comfy, cozy at your house. :-)

Vintage Sheet Addict sa...

It does look beautiful, I'm ready for spring too! Won't be long now! :) x

Geli sa...

Hello Mia! I think you will find something to sew or read ... Spring will come you will see ... Have a good time dear Mia! With love, Geli

Bratte Bakka sa...

Same her, masse snjo. Godt det og..så kan me kosa oss i snjoen og plutseleg er det vår :D


Anonym sa...

Jour de neige en France bien je couds mes patchworks ... je prends aussi une tasse de thé et je regarde la neigetombée et les paysages changés ....

Katy Noelle sa...

What am I doing while winter stubbornly is hanging around - the very same as you (I'm chuckling!) I just bought Amaretto to add to a new almond yeast bread recipe that I've found - YUM! and I've been enjoying the most delicious cuppas, this past week. I don't know why they're so tasty - perhaps because with winter lingering, I really need the comfort, too!

Do you know what's funny, though? We had a very strange warm spell, too. I just couldn't believe it - the snow mostly melted and the rivers opened up again and we had green grass - in February!!! Who's ever heard of that?! But, now... the temperatures are desperately cold again. I think.... if we're going to have winter, we might as well have snow, too - so, I'm happy for you! ;)

Thank you for the cozy post! =]


Take care in the cold!!! =]


Bonnie K sa...

The rolls look great! Of course everything at your house looks great.

thriftwood sa...

Yum yum Mia ... there's nothing for it when the snow lies thick on the ground! Filing the home with cosiness and the aromatic waft of home baking xxxx

Villmarkstausa sa...

Hei. Godt å ha litt å "tusle" med når uværet hærjer. Jeg baker brød og rundstykker. Grovt, sunnt og godt:-). Ha gode vinter dager. Våren kommer snart

Maarit sa...

Here in Finland we already enjoyed lovely sunny days, too, but today it is snowing - it means skiing at the field, hot chocolate and today Runeberg's cakes, our national poet who loved nature, cakes and women...

annie's abode sa...

hi mia

it all looks lovely but very cold i expect - the bed idea sounds inviting.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 sa...

I'm halfway across the world and woke up to the same scene out my window. It's beautiful and makes me want to work on some projects to feather my nest. I have the day off from work today and plan to finish up some painting projects. One of your fresh baked buns and homemade jam would be delish with my cup of coffee!

Anonym sa...

Det snöar här igen också jag blev inte det minsta förvånad för jag tyckte att "vårvädret" vi haft var alldeles för tidigt här;)
En vacker tulpanbukett i rosa piggar upp mig och nån kruka med pärlhyacint och krokus!!!:)Underbart!
Det ser inte helt fel ut med en kopp te heller, och något hembakat till.
Vilken härlig hög med vackra kuddar!
Ha en fin dag Mia!

Anonym sa...

Doncs res, fer el mandra i mirar per la finestra , has fet molt be fent aquests briox, quasi sento l' olor.
Anims !!! ja queda poc hivern.

Montserrat ( CATALONIA)

Shippymolkfred sa...

Mmm, these buns are looking yummy!
Greetings from Scotland

Landlig Charm sa...

Hei Mia :)

Du sier det på en så fin måte...Oh NO... det sier jeg også... men det var vel for godt til å være sant?

De bollene så helt nydelige ut, kan nesten kjenne duften av de når jeg ser på de :)
For ikke å snakke om det hjemmelagde syltetøyet ditt!
Klem fra Wenche

Irene sa...

Hello Mia

What a beautiful snow scene, it's just magical.

The buns with jam look so mouthwateringly delicious.

Pilar C. sa...

Hi, Mia. Your photos are gorgeous, as usual.

Sadly (or not) in my town never snow (I´m from Badajoz, in Spain), so I feel a bit envy when I see your pretty pictures.

Anonym sa...

I remember it well after living through 40 Norwegian winters!!! I'm afraid I HATE snow,so I was glad to say goodbye to those long winters!
Keep smiling, spring will return....eventually!!!
Enjoy the "boller" and your DVD!

Joanne sa...

The outdoors doesn't change quite so drastically where I live. To me, it is fascinating.
Snow or sun, your pictures are always lovely.