torsdag, januar 31, 2013

Spring in my step

I am fully aware that it is still January (the last day of it, though). But these last two days have been so beautifully springlike that it feels more like April than January. And I've got a spring in my step!

Speaking of steps... one really needs to watch ones step when venturing outdoors and in the direction of the henhouse, as the path leading to it has turned rather hazardous. Anyone attempting to walk along it (including the poor hens) risks a severe injury if ones step slips, so to speak...

But the hens do not seem to worry over such minor details, and are rather enjoying there newfound freedom, after months of incarceration indoors. So they are making the most of it, scratching the (icy) ground and picking on the (frozen) grass.

I, too, love to take a stroll in the garden, and to feel the weak winter sun on my face (not much warmth there yet). I know that it will still be a good while till I actually get to do anything in the garden, but a day like today helps to keep my spirits up.

And I know that my flower pots and other garden paraphernalia will also keep, till their time comes.

The lovely swelling lilac buds better keep too, as it is not their time yet either. But the sky is blue, and the grass is green... what more can I expect at the end of January...?

To help spring along, I have picked a bunch of cherry branches, in the hope that sometime in the not too distant future I get to enjoy some pretty, delicate cherry blossoms, way before they will actually appear outdoors.

I know, I know, it is only January, and my springtime feelings are sure to prove premature, as we have not seen the last of winter as of yet. Never mind, I've got a spring in my step, regardless...

Should you wish to see more of the "Linen and toile" quilt, the original entry can be found here.

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Gill sa...

Oh yes, it certainly is Spring-like today! My hens are happy too, and I had all my doors and windows open for half an hour at lunchtime...but I didn't dare to walk down the icy lane to collect the post, I had to go in the car!

Siddis back home sa...

Beautiful pictures, as usual, Mia! Have a nice weekend!

Sivs hus sa...

Hei, Nydelige bilder! klem Siv:-)

Lynn sa...

I found the first daffodils in my garden today and I am beside myself with Spring time joy - how nice to visit you and share such joy :)

Debbie sa...

Lovely pictures! It doesn't seem like spring here at all. Lucky you!

Betsy sa...

Beautiful pictures! We're still cold, snowy and drizzly here in the Pacific Northwest so I enjoyed seeing your green grass and chickens. Beautiful quilt. I need to start one of my own soon with my fabric stash.

Geli sa...

Hello Mia! I looooove your hens! I wish you a nice weekend! With love, Geli

My Cottage Diary sa...

Sweet and happy hens! (But I don't like the looks of that ice. Yikes!) Your Linen & Toile quilt is so lovely. Blessings to you and your family, Bess

Frances sa...

Mia, over here in New York, we've also had a temporary hint/preview that spring will eventually arrive.

Tomorrow will show us a winter revival, but today was sunny, blue sky, very windy, but not below freezing.

I bought some daffodils, with their buds still very tightly wrapped in green. I am looking forward to seeing some bursts of yellow in a day or so, as I bid farewell to January.

February is a short month!

Your photo of the chickens really was so lovely. Hoping that your cherry branches will blosson soon.


Pondside sa...

Soon - soon! We are getting anxious too.

Laila sa...

1.februar i dag Mia! Og denne måneden går bestandig fort..
Fikk erfare glattisen i går selv.. Skulle hjelpe min datter med å få ut en kommode av bilen hennes.. vips så lå jeg der! Det gikk så fort, men heldigvis bra!
Skal plukke noen grener og sette i vann jeg også.. Lekkert!
Ha en fin helg!
klem Laila

Vintage Sheet Addict sa...

Yes, spring is around the corner, it's definitely a bit lighter now in the evenings! :) x

Irene sa...

Yes, Spring is around the corner, with earlier mornings and longer nights.


Anonym sa...

Vilka härliga bilder Mia!
Även om jag gillar vintern så är det så härligt när ljuset återvänder!
Dom här senaste dagarna har varit mer som marsväder här......härligt solsken och takdropp:)Underbart!
Men det känns som det är alldeles för tidigt.....
Ja, vi passar på att njuta av solen i allafall.
Jag förstår hönsens glädje över att äntligen kunna gå ut igen!
Kram och trevlig helg!

Silly Little Sheep sa...

Your hens look beautiful! I will have hens one day too !! :)

Anonym sa...

Hi, Mia~
What lovely views from your home! In Ohio USA, it has gone from a false spring to very cold with snow, within three days. The birds are very confused, as am I!
Best wishes,

Anonym sa...

Do you not get snow there? I always thought your weather was similar to ours here in Michigan's upper penninsula, cold and lots of snow this time of year. Oh well, lucky you. Love your chickens, I'm trying to convince hubby we should have a few!