onsdag, januar 23, 2013

Favourite makes; knits

The last entry about my "favourite makes" is about knitting. Now I am even newer to knitting than to crochet. But a few years ago, after having seen a lovely cable knit cushion with a hefty price tag, I decided to make one myself. The result being a dreamy creamy cushion for a fraction of the price.

After having finished my first cable knit cushion I thought it would be the last one. But oh, no. I had to make another one, grey this time. And it did not stop, as a bit later I just had to make a pink one too. By the way, one of the most often asked questions here in my blog is for the cable knit cushion pattern. Here can one (of sorts) be found.

For a lover of blankets, it was just a matter of time before I made an attempt at knitting one. But my first attempt was not just knitted, as the grey blanket is in fact a combination of both knitted and crochet squares. But the knitted ones are definitely in majority. One of my most favourite projects to date.

But of course it did not stop there. I just had to give the knitted squares another go. More colourful this time. And one that is being used every day during these cold winter days.

My love for garter just grew stronger, and last summer I made a garter stitch cushion that has become a firm favourite. Easy peasy with the best of results.

Last autumn I started knitting dishcloth, and quite a few was made (perfect Christmas pressie for family and friends). A lovely way to use up cotton yarn left over from larger projects.

But I could not quite give up on cable knitting either, and two more cushions were made last autumn. In lovely kashmir alpaca wool.

This is it, my friends, for my "favourite makes" series (little did I know that they would indeed turn into a "series")! Thanks for being such lovely, patient readers.

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Carla sa...

Those knitted blankets specially the grey one is my favourite, but again have to say the coloured one, comes very close.

But all the things that you make are so lovely, and the combination of colours just relaxing.

Well done Mia

Shame the 'series' is finishing ;-)

Geli sa...

Hello Mia! You' re so hard working. All blankets are beautiful but I looooove the grey blanket most. I wish you a wonderful week! With love, Geli

by Teresa sa...

Mia, my favorite of all your things is your pastel granny square blanket. It's absolutely divine. You must have used a very small crochet hook! I invite you to visit my blog, I just put up some neat mountain photos that I took yesterday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aqui pelo campo... sa...

Hi Mia!
I love your knitted pillows...Thank you for sharing!
Hugs from Portugal

daisydonut sa...

Everything you make is beautiful, but I do particularly like your knitted cushion covers. I'm going to have a go at one for myself.

Line sa...

Elsker fletteputene!!
Takk for at du deler det nydelige du lager.

DoktorIngrid sa...

Det var du som inspirerte meg til å strikke den første puta... -siden ble det noen flere! (Jeg linket til deg og du ser dem her: http://doktoringrid.blogspot.no/2012/07/strikkede-puter.html)
Takk for inspirasjonen:-)

Hilsen Ingrid

Craig sa...

The brightly colored square quilt is beautiful!!! It looks so appropriate with the floral chair and pillow. Love your decorating style. (In the spring, I also enjoy your garden.)Pat McDonald

Lorrie sa...

I do love your knitted cushions. I recently finished one patterned after your garter cushion. But I started mine before you put your directions up and used leftover yarn, which is thicker than yours. So the pillow doesn't look as fine. But I'm still very pleased with it.
Next I'll try one of your cabled cushions!

Jane Thompson sa...

Hi Mia, I love all these knits but if I had to pick a favourite it would be the grey blanket - it's stunning. Does gorgeous teddy bear (with cable cushion) have a name?

Best wishes from Kent (slowly thawing).


HegeT sa...

Du er jo stadig en kilde til inspirasjon. Så både fletteputa og det grå strikke/hekleteppe måtte jeg jo bare lage, jeg også..
Blir i så godt humør av å titte inn til deg, det er så hjemmekoselig og trivelig..


Judith sa...

Hello Mia, I am back again to visit your favorites. I am in love with your gray blanket. I think your crochet squares add such visual interest to your creation. I am inspired to try one myself. Thanks for blogging. I will be back to visit again. Judith

brandy1 sa...

Hello Mia, I have so enjoyed your "favourite makes" everyone of them so beautiful.Your home would be wonderful to live in. Here in N.Z.at the moment is hot++. I want to start knitting a shawl but it's too hot to handle wool at the moment so will have to wait 'til it cools down in March/ April.Pretty keen to start though.Kind regards Shirley

Twyla and Lindsey sa...

I have always loved your gray blanket and even thought of trying to make one myself. I am also loving the garter stitch cushion! Twyla

Betsy sa...

I love all of your blankets and couldn't really chose one as my favorite. I do think I'll need to try your cabled cushion sometime soon. It's so cold here in Washington State right now, your home looks especially cozy and warm to me.


Vintage Sheet Addict sa...

Lovely cosy knits, I was with a friend yesterday and she is knitting a cushion from a book, Nordic knits, lovely book! :) x

Hilsen Bodil F.T. sa...

Dette er kunst! Veldig vakkert!

Patrizia Valle sa...

Your pillows are so beautiful !!
ciao Pat

Howards House sa...

Your cable knit cushions are gorgeous…I just want to snuggle up with two…or three!!

Thank you for sharing! xx

Kokotek sa...

I love everythink what you knit :):):)

❤Coco Rose❤ sa...

Ahhhhhhh, it's been so lovely to catch up with all your recent posts! I have been away from blog land for a while and it's been so nice to catch up with a cuppa. I love your makes and your style and you never cease to make me really want to master knitting! ha ha!

I hope that you have the most super 2013!

Take care

Vanessa xxx

Puschkalina sa...

Hej Mia, my favorite of all your things is your pastel granny square blanket- sooooo beautiful♥♥
Have a nice day, best wishes Puschi♥

Landcharm sa...

Hei du! Håper alet er bra med deg i kulda. Greit å være inne og stikke nå.

Lady Jane sa...

Hello. I only discovered your blog recently, but I'm so glad I did. Your knitted/crocheted/sewn work is all beautiful(and I do like your 'blue' home! I have the same problem here - lots and lots of blue. Nice)
Looking forward to enjoying your blog.

Irene sa...

Beautiful knitting makes Mia, my favourite is your knitted granny square blankets.

Frances sa...

Mia, it would be impossible for me to pick a favorite from your knitting and crocheting creations. I like the way that each new addition immediately looks "right at home" with the predecessors.


Anonym sa...

Nå er det fryktelig lenge siden jeg har skrevet noe her inne i Blogglandia.....men nå MÅTTE jeg bare kommentere her på den nydelige bloggen din. Må innrømme at jeg stadig sniker meg inn her hos deg å nyter alt det vakre du lager:-)
Her er det godt å være, og du inspirerer og motiverer meg masse til å komme igang med symaskin og heklenål:-)) Jeg blir kjempeinspirert av de fine bildene, de vakre fargene og de helt fantastiske teppene du lager! Heia Mia! Du er helt utrolig dyktig...og arbeidene dine er praktfulle!! Du inspirerer meg til å kaste meg oppi stoffhaugen og sette igang, å i tillegg inspirerer de fargerike bildene dine til å få ting ferdig. Så nå er det dags her til å bli ferdig med alle henlagte arbeider, og til å begynne på noen nye...etter tunge tider uten inspirasjon:-))) Takk for at du deler alt det vakre med oss Mia! Klem fra Flower Power

a little vintage sa...

They are all totally gorgeous!! I am now tempted to pick up my knitting needles again.. you have used lovely colours too..Sue S