søndag, desember 30, 2012

2012 revisited

Now that 2012 is very nearly over I thought it would be nice to take a quick look at the past year. Even though I did take a four month break from my blog (end of Feb to beg. of July) some photos were still taken, so even those "missing" months are represented here. So here goes...













Thank you for all your support and encouragement in the past year. I know I have said it before, and will do so again... blogging really would not be the same without you. Thank you all!

fredag, desember 28, 2012

My Christmas

We are back home from a week of merriment in beautiful Ireland (hence the low key decorations and lack of tree at home). We celebrated Christmas in a lovely house overlooking the Irish sea...

... where even the kitty got to open her own pressies in front of the peat fire.

We enjoyed lovely pub lunch at Johnnie Fox´s (above photo) and we saw the amazing musical Oliver (by Charles Dickens) in Dublin.

We went for lovely long walks in the mild weather (14C), enjoying the fantastic scenery...

... and the beautiful surrounding gardens. And we stopped for refreshing cups of coffee and tea in the Tower Tea Rooms along our walk.

But all good things must come to an end. We got back home yesterday evening to snowy and cold (-11C) Norway. It has been good to get away for a while, but it is always rather good to come back to warm home fires too.

Thank you for all the lovely Christmas wishes. I trust your Christmas has also been a good one.

torsdag, desember 20, 2012

Merry Christmas

It is rather cold (-10C). There is a fair bit of frosting and a little bit of snow on the ground. It is getting dark, and the outside lights have been turned on. A wonderful start of the holiday season...

And I am getting in to the holiday mode. So I am going to turn off my trusty Mac and going to spend the holiday season with my loved ones. I have great hopes for this Christmas...

But before I go, I want to wish all you lovely readers a wonderful Christmas time. May it be filled with joy and wonderful time spent with loved ones. And may all your Christmas wishes come true...

onsdag, desember 19, 2012

Slowing down...

The last weeks before Christmas tend to be rather hectic. There are the last pressies to be bought, cakes and cookies to be baked, Christmas lunches and dinner parties to attend to... and so forth. All of it rather fun, really.

So this little blog of mine has been rather neglected of late, as there has just not been enough time (nor daylight hours for photographing!) to keep it up. But now I have started to slow down.

As most of the are chores done, I can spend the (dark!) evenings stitching. The blue and white quilt is growing, slowly but surely. Luckily I am not in a hurry.

Are all your Christmas preparations done? Are you able to start slowing down and enjoying the holiday season..?

torsdag, desember 13, 2012

Decorations so far

I seem to struggle with my Christmas decorations this year... One day it is all colour, even a bit retro.

And then the following day there is the desire for something more simple and rustic, which seems to be the case today. Simple and rustic...

Maybe it is all the glitter, colour and excess decorating that we see most everywhere around this time of year that has the opposite effect on me...

All of a sudden less really seems to be more. Is it just me, or can you relate to my line of thinking...?

So this is how our little home is looking at the moment, in its festive glory (LOL)

Keeping calm and keeping it simple... Wishing you all a lovely run up to the holiday season.

søndag, desember 09, 2012

It worked!

Do you happen to remember how, back in November, I bought a set of led lights that did not live up to my expectations, as they turned out to have a very harsh and "cold" light? I had very nearly given them up, but you, dear readers, came up with such wonderful suggestions, that I realised all hope was not lost.

One of the many good suggestions was to paint the lights with nail varnish, and as that was what I had to hand, I decided to give it a go. Now I am not big on nail varnish, as I find it too fiddly to keep my nails looking well kept, so my pink Dior varnish had been hiding in the drawer for more years than I can remember.

So I worried a bit whether Christian (Dior) was up to the job. But after two coats of the blushing pink stuff and... voilà, the lights were transformed! A few touch ups in situ and the result is even better than I dared hope for. Never mind that a few of the "jingle bells" got a bit of the blushing treatment in the process...

So, between you, Christian and me, the unpleasantly harsh lights have been transformed in to pretty, "warm" fairy lights, the kind I dreamed of all along. Thank you for the splendid advise. Isn´t Blogland just a wonderful place full of most generous people?

lørdag, desember 08, 2012


December so far has been a cold one. A little bit of snow and heavy frost. Bitterly cold during the night, and fresh and bright during the day. I think I quite like it...

The forecast for tomorrow is more snow. I am sure my garden would appreciate it, as I do worry about all my plants and roses in the frozen ground. Some more snow would give them protection.

Another little tree has been brought indoors, this time into the laundry. It will stay as is, just like the tree in our living area. I think I like them that way...

tirsdag, desember 04, 2012

A little tree

A little tree has found its way into our little house (a lot of "little" here...) A couple of days before the weather turned cold (-17C) I hurried into the woods to find a little tree to place in an old preserving jar (a popular look in Blogland these days). And I do have to admit I quite like the rustic look of the little tree in the old jar.

Speaking of looks... I have had a slight change of heart and have decided to go for a more colourful Christmas this year, as opposed to previous years, and my previous post from our bedroom. More colour has already crept in there. Maybe I will show you another day...?

Not that there is a lot of Christmas decorations about as of yet. I know, I know... I could hardy wait to open the box of decorations, and as of now I am still looking for inspiration. But at least I have got a tree, even if it is unadorned...

lørdag, desember 01, 2012


It is December, and it is about time to start thinking about Christmas in earnest. Even though, truth be told, I have given it some thought, on and off, for quite some time now. Every year I plan to be all ready for Christmas by December 1st, and every year I fail...

Never mind... at least I have started with my most favourite bit. The decorating. And first off is our bedroom. I am sure you are inclined to think it not to be the obvious choice. But who cares... all the more fun.

Not that I have actually gone overboard with the decorating, just the same old favourites, year after year. And my favourites tend to be the replica Victorian angels, in the window, and hanging from my trusty old stockings, at the end of our bed.

So what would be new this year...? Nothing much, really. The cable knit cushion from earlier this autumn has found its way to our bed. I quite like the look of the chunky woolly knit along with the pretty lace and the delicate silk cushion. The rough with the smooth, so to speak.

And that´s about it. With these cute angel faces, who really needs anything else...?