fredag, november 30, 2012

English country

It has been a while since I last wrote about a lovely decorating book. Actually I do not seem to buy as many books as I used to. These days a book really has to be something special for me to buy it. And this one truly is a gem.

At least to lovers of pretty florals and all things English. I am, of course, talking about the "Perfect English Farmhouse" by Ros Byam Shaw. I already have her book "Perfect English Cottage" which has become a firm favourite, and which I have written about here.

Now her latest book "celebrates the characteristic style of the classic farmhouse, and shows how to turn your own home into a beautifully welcoming retreat". The book is divided into five sections; Organic Farmhouse, Traditional Farmhouse, Fresh Farmhouse, No Frills Farmhouse and Funky Farmhouse.

It probably comes as no surprise that my favourite section is the Fresh Farmhouse one, which includes lots of lovely florals and pretty rooms. But also the No Frills Farmhouse appeals to me. In fact all the different sections include most delectable, appealing farmhouses that I believe I could easily move in to.

I am thinking this book would make a lovely Christmas pressie to someone who likes this style and enjoys a pretty book. I am also thinking my Mother-in-law might just fit into this category...

tirsdag, november 27, 2012

I think I like it...

My little retro-ish hexagon project is growing ever so slowly. Every now and then I pick it up and add another hexie, only to put it aside again, I ponder whether I really like it or not. And now (finally!) I have reached the conclusion that I do indeed like it!

I like the colours, I like the fabrics, I like the smallish hexie shapes... so what is there not to like...? Even though many of the retro fabrics I am using have a large design, which not quite shows in the small pieces, I still prefer them smallish.

And now that the jury has reached its verdict (so to speak), I will keep on stitching with renewed enthusiasm. I am aiming for a quilt... maybe for the guest bed... so I do have a long way to go... or rather to stitch, that is. Wish me luck, will you...?

lørdag, november 24, 2012


Bulbs... oh, how I love them. I love them while still in tight buds. I love the promise of things to come. And I definitely love the scent than unfolds when they finally open their buds. Now is the time for bulbs, when spring still seems such a long way away...

Unfortunately I do not have much luck with bulbs in my garden. I tend to blame the heavy clay soil. And now I also blame the constant rain. The poor bulbs just can not take it, and have a tendency to rot in the heavy wet soil. All the more reason to enjoy bulbs in pots... now!

On a different note... thank you all for your great comments, suggestions and advise as to how to turn my ever so "cold" and harsh led lights into "warm" and lovely fairy lights. I am so glad there is hope. And I am so glad you took the time to tell me so ;-)

torsdag, november 22, 2012

Fairy lights

A few years ago I bought some fairy lights for my kitchen windows for Christmas. I loved them, so they stayed on continuous duty (the above photo is from January 2010) for approximately 1,5 years. And then they died. The thing with led lights is that you can not change a bulb. When they die, they die. End of story. Surely not good for the environment :-(

Yet I have missed the fairy lights ever since. So when I saw these lovely lights, with "jingle bells" and all, on my recent visit to Finland, I just could not resist them. And as soon as I got them home, up they went.

But to my disappointment these lights are rather cold (as led lights apparently tend to be). Only I had not counted on that, still fondly remembering my previous "warmer" fairy lights. So the question is, what to do with these rather "cold" lights, with "jingle bells" and all...

In the store in Finland the lights were displayed in a blow, looking ever so pretty. Maybe I will have to look into that option. Only I so dearly wanted them to cast their pretty, "warm" light from my kitchen windows...

What´s your experience with led lights...? What would you do...?

mandag, november 19, 2012

Christmas on my mind

It was bound to happen sooner or later, so I better come clean... I´ve got Christmas on my mind. I do love the "decking the halls" bit of Christmas, and I can not wait to get started.

I am itching to go up to the attic to get the box of Christmas decorations down, and to have a good look at what is inside. Not that I am in for any surprises... what the box contains is exactly what I put in it at the end of last Christmas.

But a year is a long time (even though time seems to fly) and I have half forgotten what I have in manner of all things festive. I have made one new purchase this autumn, and that will be revealed in my next post (I just can not wait to hang them up, even if it is only November...)

Oh well, as you can see my favourite Christmas mugs (from Spode) are also "out", even though I have yet to actually drink my morning tea from them. I have also finished the Christmas stockings I prepared for the workshop I had in October.

And I am afraid that the box of Christmas decorations will come down from the attic before long. A few pretty angels in the window can surely not hurt anyone... neither the residents of this little house nor the angels. Right...?

søndag, november 18, 2012

A Sunday in November

A beautiful Sunday in November... a rare treat indeed, amidst all the rain. And what a lovely day it has been. Clear blue sky and the longed for sun (alas, without much warmth in it).

I have been away this past week, in Finland, to be precise (hence the recent silence her in my blog). And I am afraid to say the weather was much the same there...

The hens have really enjoyed their outing today, still hanging out there, even though the sun has now set and it is quickly getting darker.

Tomorrow it will, no doubt, rain again. But the chooks have had their day, and so have I. A new week tomorrow... and only a couple of weeks till December. Is Christmas on your mind yet...?

fredag, november 09, 2012

The jury is still out...

After having stitched a few hexies together the initial excitement died down. Was it really going to be any good...? Was it "me"...?

Working with retro fabrics is really a new venture for me. After all, I tend to be more of a traditional girl... even a tad romantic. So is it really worth the countless hours of hand stitching to make something I am not sure of...?

Well, the jury (as they say) is still out, and in all fairness I am going to give this rather vintage looking patchwork quilt a go. I can be stubborn, even if I am rather a traditional girl at heart...

tirsdag, november 06, 2012

Status quo

Why is it so tempting, so easy, to start something new before finishing what you already have got going...? Before I start yet another patchwork project (I am so itching to...) I better take stock of what I have yet to finish. Like this blue and white nine patch one, started about a year ago, and reached to this stage around May this year. Still missing its final border, wadding and backing.

Then, of course, there is the blue and white hexagon quilt I started earlier this autumn. Now no one would surely expect (myself the very least!) me to finish this one in a jiffy! It is after all hand stitched, and everyone knows these things take their time. Right...?

Speaking of hand stitching... there is also this hand stitched lilac and white diamond number, started last summer (if my memory serves me right) and actually got to this stage back in May. This one too is still missing its finishing borders, wadding and backing. Oh dear...

Now this vintage looking thrifty thing has really not done too badly, as it has only(!) taken me since this summer to get to this stage. Again, it is missing its borders. Now that has now been solved, though, as there is this old Cath Kidston fabric. And then a lovely reader, Jola from Poland, kindly sent me the pretty blue and white polka dot fabric. Just the thing, so I might actually finish this one in the foreseeable future!

And then we get to the final issue... the desire to start something new. Can I really justify it, when I have so many unfinished projects? But these vintage fabrics are just "speaking to me", and I am dying to get my hand on the pretty retro ones Ada sent me some time ago. I can just see them in a new lovely, vintagey hexie quilt. Can´t you...?

søndag, november 04, 2012

Cosy weekend

Not very productive... but oh so cosy. That is what this weekend has been like. Friends came over and stayed overnight. Good food, delicious wine, and lovely time spent together.

The weather has been foul, so only the very brave have dared venture outdoors. All the more reason to make the most of it indoors.

Roaring fire, candlelight and bulbs pushing through the fresh green moss. I know it is only November, but I could not resist these hyacinth bulbs when I saw them in the store.

Zara, the dog, loves the warm fire. She refuses to move away from the heat until moments before her fur catches fire (or so it seems)! Warm and cosy.

I hope that´s what your weekend has been like too.

torsdag, november 01, 2012

Another coat of paint

I have been at it again... with my paintbrush. A bit of the colour Cricket, sandpaper and wax...

... and the old brown lamp base has got a new lease of life. It could probably do with a new lampshade as well, as many summers... and even more flies... later it too is looking slightly worse for wear.

I have three more of these candlestick lamps... all of them in (boring?) brown. Me thinks they will not stay like that for long, though. Watch out, Mia´s paintbrush is out!