torsdag, august 30, 2012

Tea cosy

A grey and autumn-like day today... a good excuse to put to use my new knitted grey tea cosy. Now I wish I could say I have knit it myself, but that is unfortunately not the case. I bought the cosy from an elderly lady (who had made it herself) at the weekly market in Bantry, Ireland, this summer.

But the thing is I would dearly love to learn to knit one like this. I think it would make for lovely Christmas pressies for tea drinking friends, don´t you? Unfortunately I am not an accomplished knitter, and (even thought I thought I could) am not sure I can "read" the pattern just by studying this particular cosy.

So here is a question to you lovely blog readers. Do any of you know how to knit a cosy like this one? Or do you know where an instruction for making one can be found? It would be highly appreciated by this particular blogger (who has already started to think about the fast approaching holiday... have you?)

mandag, august 27, 2012


Our dining table has been with us for many, many years. Initially it belonged to my husband´s grandmother. When she passed away nobody in his family was in need of a perfectly usable dining table with six matching chairs.

We, on the other hand, were short of one, so we took the table (and the chairs) on, and they have indeed served us well, in their original "boring" brown state, for many a year.

Last summer, though, I fell (head over heels!) for the blue-y green Tolix chairs, and discarded the original brown ones. And, to be honest, ever since then I have fantasized about painting the table. Yesterday I did!

I painted the table with Provence diluted with Old White, resulting in a colour Annie Sloan calls Cricket. To be honest I am pleasantly surprised how well the colour works with the Tolix chairs.

I believe the old table has many more years of service in it, now that it has got a new lease of life. And my kitchen a fresher, prettier look (or so I like to think). Would you agree...?

søndag, august 26, 2012

My Sunday

Contrary to earlier forecast (= rain) the weather today turned out quite sunny and pleasant indeed. So I did take a quick stroll in the garden, just to see how things are coming along.

But I really did have my heart set on other activities (more suitable for a rainy day than a sunny one, for sure). I just had this idea about a new crochet blanket that I was dying to try out...

Granny squares, yes, but squares of two different sizes. The larger ones randomly placed within the smaller ones. I think it will be a fun one to make. Of course it is still early days, but so far I like what I see...

But I was not going to spend the whole day crocheting (although it would be easily enough done, especially if it indeed were a rainy day...)

Here is a clue as to what I spent the rest of my day doing... The result of which will be revealed next time.

I hope your Sunday was a good one!

torsdag, august 23, 2012

Late summer

Only one week left of August, the last one of the summer months. And yet again I wonder; where did summer go...? It seems like only yesterday that the longed for spring was here, and we had the whole lovely summer ahead of us.

My garden tells me autumn is nearly here. The colours around me have changed. The vegetables and berries are ready to be harvested. I am now able to reap the rewards of all the work I put in earlier this spring and summer.

I pick flowers in all the glorious late summer colours, and bring them indoors by the bucket load. Also, I bring in the crochet cushions from the deck. I guess they have done their duty this summer, yet I am not willing to let go of their cheerful colours quite just yet.

I noticed the other day that all the rowan trees on our property are heavily laden with berries. Two years ago was the same, and I remember having wondered whether it was an indication of a cold winter to come.

And indeed a cold one it was, the coldest in memory. Will it be the same this coming winter, I wonder...? Not to worry, I have plenty of wool for new projects to keep me busy... and warm. How about you, are you looking forward to autumn?

mandag, august 20, 2012


What to do when the potager is being overly generous and you end up with a glut of zucchini? Most other veggies I grow I either blanch and freeze, or store in a cool place for the winter months ahead. But with zucchini this really is not doable.

This was the dilemma I was faced with yesterday. And it turned out that soup was the answer. I made a huge pot out of a couple of onions, some garlic, a few potatoes and all the zucchini from the potager.

Add some vegetable (or chicken) stock, white pepper, and a dollop of sour cream when served, and the result is a delicious creamy soup. We had it for lunch (despite the rather hot weather yesterday), along with a freshly baked baguette.

All the zucchini I had available made such a big pot of soup that I still had plenty more. I froze the soup in 1 litre bags, to be enjoyed on cold wintry days to come.

By the way, the crochet cushion above is one I made earlier this summer, out of some cotton and cotton/acrylic blend I had in my stash. It did not turn out half bad, I like to think...

lørdag, august 18, 2012

Cosy grey

On a grey rainy late summer day, like today, my thoughts inevitably turn towards autumn. As much as I love spring and summer, there is always something alluring about a new season... new clothes... new colours and textures at home.

I have recently finished my latest cable knit cushion cover (in a different pattern than these), in a totally delicious grey cashmere/alpaca mix "Kashmir Alpakka" from SandnesGarn. The softness is unbelievable, and worth the rather hefty price tag on the yarn.

I do like the way the soft grey works with the pinks in the chair´s loose cover. I also like the way the cushion matches my favourite grey knit/crochet blanket.

But just to assure you (and myself!) that it still is indeed summer, I have included the very colourful (and quite clashing) bouquet I picked yesterday for a lovely dinner party with friends on the deck. The candles in my "lanterns" (from the previous post) were lit and cast their pretty light late into the August night...

onsdag, august 15, 2012

On the deck

Due to all the rain and rather chilly weather this summer we have scarcely been able to spend much time out on the deck. But gratefully the late summer weather has been more co-operative since out return from the summer holiday.

Even though the nights are closing in earlier and then there is a distinct chill in the air, the days are been sunny and relatively warm. Warm enough to be able to spend some time out on the deck.

This year my preference decor-wise is for colour and crochet! And they do cheer me up no end. And to cast some light to the dark evenings I have two new "lanterns".

As you can tell they are not "proper" lanterns at all, but in fact old glass jars intended for preserves (Norges glass). The idea to use them as lanterns is not mine, but one I have picked up somewhere on the world wide web.

A few years back I planted some rose bushes along the railing of the deck, hoping that one day some of them would "spill over" to the deck side. So far most of them are too small to do so, but Raubritter has managed to find its way through the cracks in the railing.

It seems we are in for another lovely summer evening, so I better get cracking with the dinner, to be enjoyed you know where... I might even light a candle in a lantern or two... Hope you´ll enjoy your evening too, where ever that may be.

tirsdag, august 14, 2012

Summer holiday

I am a homebody and like nothing better than to potter around my little home and garden. And never more so than in the summer. Yet every now and then it is good to get away from it all, to explore new places and to appreciate different scenery.

So we decided to take a little holiday "out west", an area famous for its beauty, its steep mountains and deep fjords. Geiranger has a special place in my heart, as it is where I spent my very first summer in Norway. I have been back a few times since then, the last visit was four years ago.

This time we decided to travel even a bit further after Geiranger, to Ålesund (once voted the most beautiful town in Norway), famous for its Jugend architecture (the result of re-building the place after a disastrous fire in 1904, which burned down almost the entire town).

Ålesund is truly a beautiful place to visit, especially on a lovely summer´s day. The weather "out west" is fickle, prone to grey skies and rainy days. But we were indeed lucky, and enjoyed the beauty of the place to the full.

We took the route via "Trollstigen" on our way home, a road not for the faint hearted, as it clings to the steep mountain side with very little to give one a sense of security. But we did make it safely back home. Again am I able to enjoy the gentle landscape around our smallholding. Good to be back home!