søndag, januar 29, 2012

Random Sunday photos

Random Sunday photos for today´s entry... without any particular significance or agenda. Just whatever caught my eye.

A nifty new waffle iron from Moods of Norway (a lovely Christmas pressie from friends) in an uplifting hot pink colour, that makes waffles in the shape of a tractor (not unlike the one we have in the barn!)

Signs of life are always welcome in the dead of winter, here in the shape of a geranium (recently brought indoors from its winter hibernation in the outhouse).

Loving the colours in my kitchen/living room at the moment. Colour in the dead of winter = happiness!

The grey cable knit cushion is coming along... slowly. I do get to knit a row or two every now and then, whenever I sit down for a sec on my fave cosy chair.

From that very chair I have a perfect view towards this bright patchwork cushion that lifts my spirits no end.

And of course more small signs of life on the cherry branches, after a few weeks in the warmth of our living room.

Small glimpses of my Sunday... hope yours is a lovely one too!

torsdag, januar 26, 2012

Heart of steel

In all honesty I do dearly hope my heart is not made of steel... but I do have to admit being a tiny bit fascinated by steel. Even though I am very much a country girl at heart, I can not help but be drawn to some of the more industrial elements in decor.

I like to think they counterbalance some of the prettiness I like to surround myself with. Last august I bought the Tolix chairs that I am most pleased with. And when I found this steel wagon from House Doctor in my friend Eva´s fab webshop Landcharm I just knew it would be a nice "steely" addition to my home.

Not only does it look good, it is pretty nifty too. I love the industrial look wheels, and I love the fact that it can house some of my ever increasing collection of decorating books. As regular readers of my blog will know, books are one of my weaknesses.

Winter has us in its cold grip at the moment. We have a bit of snow, it is cold and grey. On days like this I enjoy spending time indoors, staying close to the wood burning stove. And browsing through some of my favourite books, which are now even closer to hand.

tirsdag, januar 24, 2012

At it again...

I have ever so many projects on the go... so many WIP´s to finish. So the obvious solution to my predicament is of course to start yet another one! And not just any old project, but yet another knitted cushion.

Maybe it is the cold dark season we are in, but there surely is nothing quite as pleasing as running warm soft yarn through ones fingers, while one knits something cosy and comforting. Of course one can always argue that there is only so much comfort to be had in a knitted cushion...

But then surely you have never tried to knit one in the lovely soft "Kashmir alpakka"-yarn from Sandnes Garn. This time I have chosen to change my design a bit. For one I am using knitting needles size 5,5. The cables are knitted out if 6 stitches, with 3 purl stitches in between.

Every now and then I am drawn to grey, and on this grey winter´s day I am loving this grey wool. Tomorrow I might go for orange (as if!) but today grey comforting wool it is. And eventually I will have yet another knitted cushion to add to my collection!

søndag, januar 22, 2012


Freedom is a wonderful thing. But freedom can also be dangerous, especially if you are a hen. I am afraid for Klara Klok (Clever Clara) it was fatal. Now Klara Klok was indeed a clever chook, born and bred here on our smallholding. She was the eldest hen in the flock, the leader of the pack, even though the rooster in the henhouse may have thought he was in charge. And Klara had seen a few of them come and go in her day. Sure enough, nobody messed with Klara.

But the other day, when the whole pack were out and about roaming the grounds, danger struck from above. Taken quite unawares the poor chooks fled for cover. Only eight (out of 17 hens and two roosters) made it into the safety of the henhouse. The rest were scattered all over the grounds, in the bushes, under the deck and in the barn. By twilight I had managed to salvage all but three, quite safe in the knowledge that at least Klara Klok was clever enough to find shelter.

The next morning two of the missing hens appeared from nowhere, quite safe and sound, heading straight for their run. But not Klara Klok. A while later I found her, in the thick of the lilac bush, where she had ended her day as Goshawk´s prey. I have heard that the birds of prey always go for the most handsome hen. Sadly enough it turned out to be true (apart from the George Clooneys of the henhouse, that had made it into the henhouse in time).

In the nine years I have kept free range hens, not once have I lost a hen... or a rooster, to a predator. That is until I lost Klara Klok the other day. I am sad she is gone (even though she had stopped laying eggs, except maybe the odd one on a warm summer day). Dear Klara Klok, you will be sorely missed, and never forgotten. R.i.p.

fredag, januar 20, 2012

"The Summer memories"-quilt

"The Summer memories"-quilt is finally finished! It has been a long time in the making, mostly due to shortage of backing material. On the outset I just had a pile of assorted fabrics and a wish to be thrifty.

All went swimmingly until it came to the backing... which I did not have! My favourite quilt backing is the white linen from Ikea, but it turned out that they did not have it either! Until now. But I guess it has been worth the wait, and I am tickled by the end result.

I am also tickled by the way the quilt matches the "Sweet and sour"-crochet cushion I made last spring. It was totally unplanned, for sure, but one would be forgiven for thinking that they were indeed made for each other.

Not to mention the knitted blanket. I do love how good they look together. Now I do not necessarily strive for a matchy look. In fact I try to go for the opposite.

Yet I do like it when things are in harmony, and when nothing jars the eye. And I am particularly pleased with the harmony these makes of mine create. By accident, for sure.

But then again, I guess I am fond of certain colours, so I tend to work with them time and again... and in doing so create a kind of harmony in the process. Needless to say, I am happy with the end result, and the guest room has got a new look.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments in regards to my garden. You are just too kind!

torsdag, januar 19, 2012

My garden

My garden - my joy! Constantly changing and evolving. But what did it look like in the very beginning? This entry has been greatly inspired by the lovely blog "Roser og Patina" and her fascinating story about how her beautiful garden came to be.

The spring of 2000, our first spring here, and my garden was just a dream. Reality being quite a different story (sorry about the poor quality of the photos... pre-digital ones). We had just finished building our little house, and there truly was no garden to speak of. Just a lot of possibilities.

By the spring of 2002 the potager had started to take shape, even though everything was still looking very bare. But I had got my six long coveted raised beds and stone pathways. And after a bit also the white picket fence, that now surrounds and protects the potager (our plot is a windy one).

Later... much later... we expanded with more raised beds for a cutting garden, in a different part of our plot. And a couple of years ago they were even further expanded to a total of 10 raised beds.

My garden is a flat space, that I slowly (but surely) try to section off to different garden rooms. Every year we plant more trees and bushes, in an effort to create hight, and to protect the garden from the winds (I do wish we had done so right at the start).

We have also planted hedges, but all these take ages to grow to any size to speak of in our tough climate. And after every cold winter we lose some. Mainly roses, but after last winter also all the honeysuckles that climb along the wire arches. Mice play havoc under the snow, damaging fruit trees, roses and hedges.

But my pride and joy remains the potager. This is where I grow most of our vegetables, and this is where many of my favourite perennials can be found, surrounding the white picket fence.

Even before our little house was built, I had already drawn plans for the potager, along with the "alley-beds" that lead to it. We have yet to lay the stones along that very path (hopefully this spring/summer). The white picket fence also needs a new lick of paint this coming spring (on hindsight white may not be the most practical colour for garden fence).

But then again I never was practically inclined. And as for the fence, I would not have it any other way. On hindsight there are a number of things I could have done differently. But the wonderful thing about a garden that it is never finished. It is constantly changing, there is always room for improvement. Which makes gardening such a fascinating activity.

mandag, januar 16, 2012

Quite pleased

This cushion cover started out without any grand design or plan. All I wanted was to use up some of my wool left over from other projects.

Sometimes no plan is a good plan! I am in fact quite pleased how this little project turned out. I love the randomness of it.

It is not as colourful as most of my other crochet cushions, but I do love the subtle layers of creams, blues and greys.

I have used white linen for the backing, sewn envelope-style, with ties. And voilà, a new favourite has been born! (Note to self; no plan next time...)

lørdag, januar 14, 2012

New kids on the block

There are new kids on our block... or rather two new roosters. Such handsome fellows. They have replaced "the fierce one", who was getting far too protective of the hens for his own good.

So the poor bugger ended in the pot, while these two brothers have taken his place. Now these new kids are of a gentle nature, a joy to have around, yet just as popular with the ladies, as the "fierce one" was.

Our winter so far has been a very mild one, with only the odd snowfall, that seems to disappear within a day or two. I do not mind, and neither do our feathery friends.

Usually they are incarcerated in the henhouse all winter long, not being able to set foot outdoors for months on end, due to all the snow (that they do not appreciate).

Not so this year. And they sure are making the most of it, spending every daylight hour outdoors, roaming the grounds, where they are able to scratch the ground to find the odd treasure, and some (not so) green grass.