fredag, november 30, 2012

English country

It has been a while since I last wrote about a lovely decorating book. Actually I do not seem to buy as many books as I used to. These days a book really has to be something special for me to buy it. And this one truly is a gem.

At least to lovers of pretty florals and all things English. I am, of course, talking about the "Perfect English Farmhouse" by Ros Byam Shaw. I already have her book "Perfect English Cottage" which has become a firm favourite, and which I have written about here.

Now her latest book "celebrates the characteristic style of the classic farmhouse, and shows how to turn your own home into a beautifully welcoming retreat". The book is divided into five sections; Organic Farmhouse, Traditional Farmhouse, Fresh Farmhouse, No Frills Farmhouse and Funky Farmhouse.

It probably comes as no surprise that my favourite section is the Fresh Farmhouse one, which includes lots of lovely florals and pretty rooms. But also the No Frills Farmhouse appeals to me. In fact all the different sections include most delectable, appealing farmhouses that I believe I could easily move in to.

I am thinking this book would make a lovely Christmas pressie to someone who likes this style and enjoys a pretty book. I am also thinking my Mother-in-law might just fit into this category...

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Debbie sa...

Ooooh, what a lovely looking book! I would love something like this as a gift. Your Mother-in-law is such a lucky lady.

Vintage Sheet Addict sa...

I love a good book with lots of yummy pictures! :)

Geli sa...

Hello Mia! What a lovely book! I wish you a wonderful weekend! Best wishes, Geli

Bente sa...


At My September Cottage sa...

Oh my gosh Mia, I have that book! It truly is my favourite decorating book, the cottages and farmhouses are all stunning.

Katy Noelle sa...

Oh,.....Oh, yeah.... I started 'Perfect Country Cottage' and then life got busy and I put it down... back on the shelf... thanks for reminding me!!! It's like an early Christmas present! ;) Now, this one looks lovely, too! Thanks for sharing.


Burlap Luxe sa...

I have this yummy book, I use to design so English country now I am French Nordic.
Thank you for sharing your beauty.

Frances sa...

Oh Mia, from all my prior comments to you, perhaps you already know that I think that your own home is much more beautiful than those homes that appear in many of these glossy books.

I particularly like the way that you let your home evolve, season by season, stitch by stitch, even coat by coat of perfectly colored paint...and then there's your lovely garden!


Qra Domowa sa...

och jakie piękne klimaty...moje ukochane:)))

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. sa...

Thank you
for telling me about this book.
I subscribe to
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