søndag, november 04, 2012

Cosy weekend

Not very productive... but oh so cosy. That is what this weekend has been like. Friends came over and stayed overnight. Good food, delicious wine, and lovely time spent together.

The weather has been foul, so only the very brave have dared venture outdoors. All the more reason to make the most of it indoors.

Roaring fire, candlelight and bulbs pushing through the fresh green moss. I know it is only November, but I could not resist these hyacinth bulbs when I saw them in the store.

Zara, the dog, loves the warm fire. She refuses to move away from the heat until moments before her fur catches fire (or so it seems)! Warm and cosy.

I hope that´s what your weekend has been like too.

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Country Charme sa...

Oh it looks so very cosy indeed! With the dog so obviously having a wonderful time before the fire! My cats also decided in the beginning of the day already, that this should be spent on cosy pillows...- The weather down here in Southern Germany is also for staying at home, watching the rain falling and having a nice cup of warm tea, which I will going to make now.
Have a nice day!

Humlehagen sa...

Nydelige bilder, og en herlig hund!:)Hilsen Else Britt:)

regina sa...

hi mia
your home looks very cosy.love the hyacinth,too.really nice photos!
ha en fin dag,

thriftwood sa...

Lovely, homely post Mia ... I wouldn't want to venture out into the cold if my home was as cosy and welcoming as yours!

Enjoy xx

Debbie sa...

Oh Mia, your room looks oh so cozy! How I would love a firestove like that. I would love to come and sit a spell. Have a wonderful week!

by Teresa sa...

Hi Mia.. we are enjoying a similar scene, we have a wood pellet stove that is blazing away, my dog not only likes it's heat, but is on my lap to the left of my laptop computer. The only difference is your house is neat and tidy and mine looks like we've recently been robbed. LOL! I guess today I will tidy up.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Geli sa...

Hello Mia! Your home looks soooo cosy and I love the dog! Have a wonderful week! Geli

Cloé sa...

Mia ! Sempre passeio pelo teu blog e fico encantada com todos os teus trabalhos ! Aqui no Brasil também gostamos de trabalhos de trico e crochet . Gosto dos teus trabalhos , mas em especial teus estofados revestidos em jeans . Parabéns pela criatividade.

Vintage Sheet Addict sa...

She has the most perfect spot, my cat knows all the warmest spots in the house too! Sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend! :)

Joyful sa...

Very cosy. Your dog looks totally relaxed ;-)

Katy Noelle sa...

Dear Mia,

What you're saying could seem so simple but, really, what wonderful joy! What goodness in your life.

btw, I always love your piles of books or piles of magazines.

and, how funny about Zara! =D It's given me a good chuckle. =]


Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms sa...

My weekend was filled with projects: quilting and making apple cider.

wilma oud sa...

Si very nice and cosy. Greetnes Wilma

Frances sa...

Mia, even if your weather has not been pleasant, you still have such lovely light in your home, and all looks very comfortable. Zara sets the mood well!

Hereabouts, our city is still recovering from the recent hurricane, and I am lucky to be warm and cozy at home, although many folks have actually lost their homes to the storm.

It's been a weekend to count one's blessings.


Tante Titti sa...

Det er så koselig hos deg! Og jeg må le når jeg ser din kjære-beinte venn på saueskinnet foran ovnen - Den gyldne Gullklumpen min har også favoritt plassen sin på ett brunt saueskinn foran ovnen!
Ønsker deg en fin ny uke!

Irene sa...

thank You so much Mia for sharing your cosy weekend and home with us.

Sandra sa...

I love the shots of your cosy interior! That fire is so wonderful and I really miss having one since I've been living in a town apartment!
I love all your crochet work too! That fresh snow looks wonderful!
Greetings, Sandra