lørdag, november 24, 2012


Bulbs... oh, how I love them. I love them while still in tight buds. I love the promise of things to come. And I definitely love the scent than unfolds when they finally open their buds. Now is the time for bulbs, when spring still seems such a long way away...

Unfortunately I do not have much luck with bulbs in my garden. I tend to blame the heavy clay soil. And now I also blame the constant rain. The poor bulbs just can not take it, and have a tendency to rot in the heavy wet soil. All the more reason to enjoy bulbs in pots... now!

On a different note... thank you all for your great comments, suggestions and advise as to how to turn my ever so "cold" and harsh led lights into "warm" and lovely fairy lights. I am so glad there is hope. And I am so glad you took the time to tell me so ;-)

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Siddis back home sa...

Så flotte bilder du tar, lurer på om jeg også skal prøve meg som interiør blogger ;-) sola skinner i Stavanger idag, ha en fin, fin lørdag hos deg! Happy Blogging!

Anonym sa...

What kind of bulbs are these? I know one is an amarylis. I love the moss. Did you get it from your yard? Love your pots also. You have such a gift on making things look so nice.

Mia sa...

Hi Anonym! Thank you for your kind words. They are much appreciated.

The tree other bulbs are hyacinths. My favourite bulb around Christmas time. I find the scent irresistible.

I found the moss in the woods just behind our house ;-)

Vintage Sheet Addict sa...

I think inside bulbs are just lovely, you get your own mini spring, early! :)

Geli sa...

Hello Mia! I also love bulbs! Have a wonderful weekend! Geli

-Mia- sa...

Nydelige bilder Mia! Jeg må få kjøpt inn svibler jeg også!! :-) Ha en strålende helg! KLEM

Butterfly sa...

Hei Mia
Dette er virkelig en av de beste tidene på året! Både svibler og amaryllis er flotte, de gir både fine farger og nydelig duft :0) Flotte bilder og alle bøkene, ser så koselig ut med dem i stabler ♥

by Teresa sa...

Hi Mia, I love your bulbs.. I must find some to bring in our farmhouse here in Oregon. I have plenty of moss here! I just did a post on our Thanksgiving feast, I invite you to pop over to see.
*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Irene sa...

Beautiful photos Mia.

l.a.(linda) sa...

Meraviglioso! Baci Linda

nattugglan sa...

Fina blommor!!

Frances sa...

I agree with you, Mia, that about this time of the year it's a true pleasure to begin to grow some amazing springtime flowers indoors from bulbs. I traditionally grow paperwhite narcissus, but might also try amaryllis this year.

It's strange, but I generally don't see any hyacinth bulbs for sale until late winter, very early spring. Their scent is heavenly!


Katy Noelle sa...

Mia! I've been enjoying reading along but have been a bit silent.... BUT....

I just saw this cute idea for fairy lights... add this one to the pot? =]


(Hope that works if you just cut and paste.)

Meanwhile, I've been considering indoor bulbs... I've never forced bulbs, before (I've wanted to for forever, though) and feel a bit intimidated - not sure how to go about it. =/ I'm sure I'll look back, after seeing how easy it is, and think I was silly.

Well, charging ahead with my day! =]