lørdag, desember 31, 2011

All is well that ends well

All is well that ends well... I guess it goes both for this year and for my knitted blanket! Only a few hours left of 2011, and what a way the year ends. This last day has been a glorious one, cold and sunny. Just the way to end it. And to welcome a new one.

As for my knitted blanket, it too seems to end well. Regular readers will know about my doubts in regards to this very project, but I like to think that it all came together in the end. I have used these days between Christmas and New Year to assemble the rest of the squares.

And to crochet a little border, including a picot edge, to finish it all off. I chose to do the border in white, as there is enough colour going on in the blanket itself (about 16 different colours, I think... I am afraid I have lost count of them all...)

The blanket is made of 150 squares (10 x 15), knitted mostly out of Falk (Dale) and Smart (Sandnes Garn) using knitting needles 3,5. One square is made out of 27 stitches x 27 rows of garter stitch. I got about 3,5 squares out of one ball of wool.

I am pleased to have finished this project before the year ended. 2011 has been a good year, and this blanket did not turn out half bad either... all is indeed well that ends well. 2012, I am ready!

torsdag, desember 29, 2011














2011 - the year that has been. Just a few photos... it was difficult to choose only one for each month. But I did. Mias Landliv anno 2011. Wonder what this entry will look like in a year´s time (here is last year´s entry). Wonder what 2012 will bring? If you hang around you just might find out...


tirsdag, desember 27, 2011

A good girl...?

I hope you all have had the loveliest of Christmases. Thank you for your Merry Christmas-wishes, for e-mails and even presents. I am so grateful for them all. You truly are the best.

We have had a lovely Christmas, just the three of us (Zara, the dog, being the third one). Delicious food and drink, lovely long walks in the woods (never mind the storms that have been howling most days) and just enjoying each others company.

We opened the presents on Christmas Eve (according to Norwegian tradition). Oh my, I do believe I have been a good girl this past year... so many lovely gifts!

Books, blue and white GreenGate china (I have had my eye on the little jug for ages!), Kusmi tea (thank you Marianne!) and some nice cotton yarn for new crochet projects, along with a crochet hook and home made pouch for keeping them all in.

But the biggest surprise was a new pair of original Muckboots. Just what a country girl needs. A good girl indeed...?

tirsdag, desember 20, 2011

Random December ramblings

Do sit down and have a cup of Christmas tea and chocolate cake (the recipe can be found here) as this is a long rambling post about random Christmassy things a casa mia.

Remember the oranges and cloves from my post the other day? Well, now they are (finally) done and are here to spread their lovely scent in the room.

Look who is here for the holidays! The lovely Zara is going to spend Christmas and New Year with us. We could not be more pleased.

We would love to have a dog, but being able to borrow this lovely creature every now and then is the second best thing.

No Christmas without angels, and here is one of my very favourite one. She has made many an appearance here in my blog, and is likely to make many more...

My tree is also decorated with angels.. and baubles... and cones (not a single Santa, his helper "nisse" or Santa´s sleigh in sight..)

Last, but not least... my Christmas stockings. These are the very first pair I made several years ago. They are the "mother" of all my other stockings.

Since I made these I have developed the design a fair bit, but this first pair remains a firm favourites in our house. So much so that my hubby does not want me sell them, or give them away as gifts (like I have done with the others).

Ah well, who am I to complain... these stockings hold delightful memories from Christmases past. There is certainly a lot to be said for old favourites.

søndag, desember 18, 2011

It sings...!

I started knitting these squares for a blanket back in July. But never before have I been so unsure about my choice of colours for a project. Usually I have at least a vague idea of what I am trying to achieve, but this time it has been a struggle.

I started out with a few of my favourite colours; blues, pinks, greens and lilacs. But then I started to have doubts. Was it too plain... was it too boring... So I tried to add different colours; bright yellows and even orange (not my favourite colour by a long shot).

But none of them worked (for me). In the end I decided to go with what I had, only to include a light bluey grey. So here you have it. But does it sing...? Yes, I like to think it does. These are "my" colours, after all. Not that the blanket is quite finished yet.

I have six more rows to assemble (making it a total of 15 x 10) and a (hopefully) pretty border to crochet, to finish it all off. Also I am hoping that the finished result will look a bit neater after I have given it a quick steam press (not sure it is the "right" thing to do with wool, but it does help against the bulging).

fredag, desember 16, 2011

Calm and bright...

The run up to Christmas is usually a busy one, and more often than not I tend to find myself under a fair bit of stress. This year has been different, though.

Our nearest and dearest have this year chosen to celebrate Christmas under balmier skies, so the cakes were baked early, the presents wrapped and exchanged early, and out little house decorated earlier than usual for the parties.

And now, one week before Christmas, all that is left to do (well, not quite, as I still have some cards to write..) is to enjoy it all. Truth be told I am totally loving it!

The Christmas tree has been decorated with old favourites, things I have collected over the years. As for the presents under the tree, they are still a well kept and prettily wrapped (thanks to family and friends) secret.

tirsdag, desember 13, 2011

Trees, angels, oranges and stars...

You will be forgiven for thinking that such "an impressive" title is followed by all manner of interesting things. Not quite the case, unfortunately. This is just a random post about my Christmas preparations, while the storm is howling and rain is pelting down (soon all the snow from my recent post will be a distant memory).

Never mind the storm, indoors all is cosy and warm. A little Christmas tree has found its way into the living room, where it will remain, unadorned, through the Holiday. The oranges and the small bowl of cloves have a purpose, too. The plan is to decorate the oranges with the cloves (I do love the smell of those two together), but since daylight is so scarce, I did not get to do it... and to take a photo of the finished result... before the light disappeared.

I can not be called a minimalist, and most likely I will never be one, but recently I have found myself wanting less things and more space around me (no mean feat in a small house). This includes Christmas decorations. In the beginning of December I brought down from the attic my (one!) cardboard box of decorations. Out came the angels and my Advent lights, and the rest went back up. This little angel is one of those that made it.

Back in early November, while I was still just dreaming of my Christmas decorations, I planned to "go rustic". It seems I am more or less sticking to that plan. Another (smaller yet) Christmas tree has been plonked, quite unceremoniously, into yet another white jug on the window sill. It too will remain unadorned.

As for the star (in the title), it refers to the one in my laundry. There it shines, night and day, all through the Holidays. Just as it has done for the past (give or take) six years. And hopefully will continue to do so for Christmases to come.

But the main "star" of my Christmas is still waiting for its chance to shine. No Christmas without a big, "proper" tree (this one will be decorated!). Ours was bought yesterday, and is still waiting in an outhouse, in a bucket of water, to be brought indoors. Hopefully tonight, as tomorrow evening is the date for our annual Christmas dinner with friends. To be continued...

How are you getting along with your Christmas preparations?