onsdag, november 30, 2011

On my merry way...

Finally I am on my merry way as far as the "merry" knitted squares are concerned. But it has been such uphill work. Every time these knitted squares have made an appearance in my blog (and it has been a few!) I have received several questions about their assembly. To which I had no answer.

After having finished all the squares, and having stared at them for weeks on end, I finally took the plunge and started stitching them together. Just like I had done with the grey blanket (crocheting them together, maybe with a contrasting colour, was discarded after some time´s contemplation).

I do find it difficult to get a neat result. Stitching the vertical seams is easier, as I can always use a matching colour. But the horizontal seams are worse. I have been told that if an exact colour for stitching is not available, use grey. In this instance I considered light blue to be the next best thing...

I still find the stitching uphill work, but I do like the finished look so far, so continue I shall... merrily! I would love to get this finished by Christmas, but from where I stand it does not look promising. I shall keep you posted.

(The lovely roses in these photos were given to me by my lovely hubby on my lovely day yesterday).

mandag, november 28, 2011

Volume III

About one and a half years ago I very nearly closed my blog. But before doing so I had my blog printed out as a blog book. Which turned out to be two whole books (after then 3,5 years of blogging).

A while back my blog had its 5th anniversary, and I thought it was about time to order my 3rd book. And so I did. The book took some time to come, but here it is... Volume III of the saga of Mias Landliv!

I am sure Mias Landliv will one day cease to exist (at least online... unless, as an old biddy, I will continue to blog about the goings on in the old people´s home... Somehow I doubt it!). But with these books Mias Landliv will not be completely gone, and I will have a lasting memory, a diary really, of all these blog years.

I have ordered my books from Blog2print. If you order your book before the 30th of November you get a 15% discount. My "Volume III" is a hardcover book, has 270 pages and cost about $106, including shipping.

fredag, november 25, 2011

When in Paris...

When in Paris it really is impossible not to make a stop at Galeries Lafayette, all decked out in her Christmas finery. Quite impressive, quite festive.

When in Paris you really have to have some chocolate... And of course we could not resist all the pretty packaging, with all the sweet stuff. A few treats to our friend and family, and some for ourselves for Christmas.

When in Paris you really have to have some macarons, and we could not leave the place without bringing some home with us. Macarons seem to be the rage in Bloglandia, and now I know why.

No Paris without lovely lotions and potions. I am partial to L´Occitane products, and even though they are widely available all over the world it still was tempting to bring some home from Paris. Also, I found a new perfume to love, Diamonds by Armani (Italian, I know...)

My love of books is not exactly a well hidden secret, and yet again I found it hard to resist a lovely French decorating book by Michéle Lalande. The French do it just so well, don´t they?

I have several books by the same author, and even though most of them are in French, I do enjoy the lovely photographs (even though most of the time the writing is incomprehensible).

So where did we stay in Paris, you might wonder? I can heartily recommend this little boutique hotel nearby the Opera. Most of the delectable shops and sights are within walking distance from this hotel. And we did walk...

We stayed on the top floor, in an attic room. It was indeed a lovely room to return to after a log day out and about the streets of Paris. And more often than not, we indulged in a lovely restorative bath before re-venturing the streets of Paris.

But one of the best things about this lovely room was the little balcony and the view of the rooftops of Paris, basking in the morning sun. I do hope to return, both to Paris and to this delightful hotel, one day.

Meanwhile, I do want to remind you of the Basnes Christmas Fair, starting as of tomorrow.

torsdag, november 24, 2011

Paris love

The reason for my recent silence is... Paris! As it happens yours truly has a special day this month, one that my loved ones thought reason enough to celebrate.

So taken quite unawares, I was literally swept off my feet and flown off to Paris, to celebrate that very special day.

Now I have been to Paris only once, way back in my youth... more years ago than I care to remember. But Paris stayed in my mind as one of those places I would love to return to. And now I have.

Paris was at her best behavior and welcomed me (or so I thought) with sun, bright blue skies and pleasant temperatures.

I did many of the touristy things expected of one; Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Latin Quarter, Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre... you name it.

And I loved it all. In fact, I love Paris, and can hardly wait to return. In the mean time I better brush up on my French, which at the moment is limited to merci, bon jour, au revoir, bon soiree and the like...

Next time I will show you where we stayed (right by the Opera), and what I brought home from Paris...

onsdag, november 16, 2011


Things tend to move forward slowly for me, it seems. Craft wise, I mean. I am always eager to start a new project, often forgetting that I already have several others on the go. But the temptation to start a new one is hard to resist, and more often than not I give in.

As has been the case with my latest crochet. I started it a while back, but lost interest, and left it lying in the basket with the wool. Until the other day, that is, when I once again picked it up and set to work, quite liking what I saw (if I may say so).

Something else (without any comparison) I found lying about the other day, when I emptied the compost bin, were these bulbs. There, under layers of composted garden debris, I discovered them. I have no idea what kind of bulbs they are. And how they ended up in the compost bin is anybody´s guess...

As for my crochet, it is about to come to another halt, as I am running out of wool. Something that was bound to happen, I guess, since I initially started it with wool left over from other projects. But there never is enough left over wool, is there? Not even for a cushion cover...

mandag, november 14, 2011


The mellow fruitfulness is long gone but the mists seem to prevail, as this November has proved to be particularly misty. I do not mind, as I quite like the mysterious atmosphere the mists create.

Not that there is anything remotely mysterious about my activities of late... I have been quite busy in the garden, preparing it for the approaching winter. And if I may say so, I am quite pleased with the results.

The compost has been emptied and spread over the raised beds for soil improvement, making it a real feast for the hens (all the juicy earth worms...) Not that the compost is the only place for such delicacies...

The currant bushes have been pruned (I am afraid it is ages since it was last done). A bonfire is planned for tomorrow, to burn all the cuttings. I can hardly wait for the lovely wood smoke in the misty air.

All the flower beds, in the potager and elsewhere, have been cut back and cleared (I task I often fail to do before the snow falls) and they are about as ready for winter as can be.

And so am I, even though I would not mind if the misty weather continued a bit longer. I quite enjoy it and love to be outdoors this late in the year. As do the hens... a hen party in the mist.

torsdag, november 10, 2011

Xmas workshop

Some of you regular readers might remember I was a bit of a busy bee last autumn, making stuff for a Christmas Fair. And some of you have asked whether there will be a fair this year too.

The answer is yes. There will be a new Christmas Fair at Basnes, and I will have some stuff there this year too. Christmas stockings, for one.

So it is about time to get cracking. I have set up a little Christmas workshop in my studio. This is the outcome so far. A pair of stockings in the making, utilizing old lace, ribbon and some such.

Another pair is also on the go, making use of snippets and small scraps of fabric. Mostly in blue and white (with a bit of Cath and GreenGate thrown in for good measure).

These stockings are such fun to make. A bit of candle light and some Christmas music to set the mood, and time just flies, making it almost hard to leave my little studio at the end of the day.

(Despite my previous resistance, I seem to be getting into all things Christmassy...)

tirsdag, november 08, 2011


This year I thought I would be prepared. Two years ago I collected some green moss in early November for my Christmas decorations, while last year winter set in unseasonably early, leaving me no choice but to buy imported green moss from Denmark. Quite embarrassing really since green moss is plentiful in the woods just behind our house!

Even though I so far have refused to think about Christmas just yet, it does not hurt to be prepared, right...? So in the lovely sunny afternoon sun (the first we have seen of the said sun this November) I took a little stroll, basket under my arm, into the woods. The mild weather was just about as far removed from any nostalgic idea of a white Christmas as can be, yet I could not help but start thinking a little bit about the coming festive season.

Yesterday I bought the first hyacinth bulbs. Now for us in Scandinavia hyacinth really is a Christmas flower, and not a spring bulb, like in many other countries. Hyacinths also happen to be my very favourite Christmas flower (along with amaryllis). So with the hyacinths and the green moss I think it is safe to say that I have indeed started some tentative Holiday planning.

This year I am thinking rustic. I do not usually go to great lengths to decorate for Christmas. For me the most important thing is the tree (no Christmas without one), together with flowers and candles. Of course it is still early days, and things are subject to change...

Have you started planning your Christmas decorations?