onsdag, august 26, 2015

Not many left now

I love summer, and I adore roses. Sadly summer is over, and so are most of my roses (only a couple repeat flowering ones left). Yet I can't help but pick a few for my bedside 'table'. To see the pretty blooms first thing in the morning... to smell their delicate scent. Heaven. What to do once all the roses are over... (and the first hyacinths are still months away?)

søndag, august 23, 2015


Today is yet another beautiful late August day. I plan to pick some more black currants (they really need to be picked before they go off) but decide to wash the patchwork tablecloth first (it really needs washing, and seeing it is such a warm day it will dry nice and quick in the sun).

While I wait for the tablecloth to dry I find a few bits of wool, left over from previous projects, to see if anything can be made out of them. While at it I make myself a cup of coffee.

The tablecloth does indeed dry quickly, and once again it is back on the table (I don't worry about ironing...) in the kitchen.

This quilt is a favourite one, has been around for years, has seen many a stain and wash (but always scrubs up beautifully), and is rather threadbare by now. I ignore the wear and tear... (something for a rainy day).

I go into the garden to pick a fresh bunch a flowers for the table. The bunch has an autumn feel to it, and it makes me a bit sad to think summer will soon be over.

While in the garden, I see a few sugar snaps, peas and beans ready for the picking. So I take care of them.

Also, while in the garden, I notice the spinach and radish seedlings are in dire need of water. So I give them some, and wonder whether they'll have time to grow into something edible before autumn comes.

When I return from the potager with the watering can, I notice that one of the clematis I bought last summer looks different from the others.

It is not the same bell shaped 'Viticella' clematis as the label in the nursery said. And definitely not the same as the other clematis climbing up the arches. Not to worry, it is pretty enough...

While I ponder this, I decide to crochet a few more squares, on what may one day become yet another cushion cover. Or a potholder, depending on how much wool I have...

... and still no black currants picked. By now I realise maybe I don't enjoy picking them as much as I like to think I do. But the forecast is for rain tomorrow, so I better do something about the currants before it's too late...

I hope your day has bee a productive on, and that you've done all you had set out to do today.

UPDATE at 8.40 pm - I did it! The rest of the black currants have now been picked. So I'm rather happy with my day, all in all. Now the rain can come...

fredag, august 21, 2015


Just when I thought the summer of 2015 would definitely not go down in history as the one with lovely weather (like last summer did), August has surprised us by being everything I could ever hope August to be.

Beautiful bright, sunny and warm (but not too hot) days, followed by soft dark velvety nights, full of cricket's song (nice and cool too, conductive to a good night's sleep).

The garden looks much better than it usually does this late in the season. It is also very productive.

At the moment I try to keep up with the berries (red- and blackcurrants), that seem to be ripening at a rate of knots. I pick them, we eat as many as we can muster, and the surplus is preserved (frozen, and made into jams and jellies) for winter enjoyment.

I've still got several bushes to pick before I can call it a day. I only hope the berries will not go off before I get to them all.

Most of all, these August days are to be enjoyed. Soon enough autumn will be here, with chilly, wet days and cold, even darker still nights.

But I do not want to think about autumn yet. I'm loving August and want it to go on forever. I'm also ever so grateful that the summer of 2015 will forever be remembered for this lovely August.

mandag, august 17, 2015

French girlfriends

French girlfriends. I don't have any. Must I sure wish I did. Not to worry. The lovely Sharon Santoni at My French Country Home has several, and stylish ones at that. She has now published a delightful book called 'My Stylish French Girlfriends', giving us an insight into twenty French women's lives. Here are some of my favorite images from the book.

The French girlfriends are gorgeous. They lead active, creative lives. They love horses.

They live in beautiful houses and chateaux.

And have pretty gardens.

Their kitchens are to die for (this one must be my most favourite ever!)

They have beautiful collections and create individual pieces for their homes.

Their living rooms take my breath away.

I sure would love to have a French girlfriend or two. But reading about these inspirational women will do for now...

torsdag, august 13, 2015

The studio

My little studio has looked much the same ever since it was finished, many years ago. Back then we bought a few things (the daybed and the white armchair), and were given the rest. I was happy with the way things looked and worked (you can see the way it used to be HERE).

But since we finished our little summerhouse earlier this summer, I thought some of the furniture from the studio would look good (and fit a purpose) in the summerhouse, so the studio had to give. Out moved the white sewing table, the wooden chair, the white armchair. And the wicker chest. And lovely do they look in their new surroundings.

Now the questions was, what about the studio? A bit of rearranging, a few hand-me-downs, and it all works surprisingly well.

The bookshelf, which I repainted earlier this summer to fit into the summerhouse (which again it didn't do, after all...) works well in here. Now I can see my various projects and finished items, instead of them being hidden inside the wicker chest. The bookshelf also fits nicely under the window, where the daybed used to be.

The white armchair (which I hardly ever sat on anyhow) has been replaced by this wicker chair. Lightweight for easy moving around, if and when the need arises.

The old cabinet is basically the only piece of furniture that has not been moved around in this little space. It stands where it always has, and holds my finished quilts. And my fabric stash (in the white boxes).

Since I decided to move my white sewing table into the summerhouse (for dining purpose) I was in a bit of a pickle as to what to do. Enter this octagonal hand-me-down pine table, come to rescue. I've yet to test it if it actually 'works'. If it does, I might paint it... or I might not. Remains to be seen. One thing is sure, something is definitely missing... a chair! No sewing without a chair. Will have to work on that one...

And finally the daybed. It has been moved to where the white armchair used to be, along the wall. On the odd occasion it is being used for sleeping, it actually works better than its previous place under the window. So all in all, I'm rather happy with the rearrangements.

All I need now is the chair, before I can test the sewing table. And I need time, as my garden and crop harvesting seem to take up all my time at the moment. And the beautiful late summer weather. But the studio will keep. I'll be back.

søndag, august 09, 2015

The garden

The garden has been rather lovely this year. Must be due to the cool summer, with enough rain (but not too much), and the bright, sunny and breezy days in between the showers.

Even though 'everything' has been late in flowering this summer, the flowering time has been a long one. I don't think the roses have ever been better.

Again, thanks to the right conditions this summer, but also thanks to the past mild winter. Already I have started to wonder about next summer's blooms. Rumor has it that this coming winter will be a cold and snowy one. An 'old fashioned' winter, they say... those in the know.

Not good news for my roses. Not that there is anything I can do about it. Except to enjoy them now. As I do. Every day. Even though most of them are over by now (I only have a couple of repeat flowering ones).

It is too early to worry about winter anyhow. There are several more weeks of summer left, and maybe this coming autumn will be a mild one too. Fingers crossed...

(The last two photos were taken today, the others back in July).

torsdag, august 06, 2015

The summerhouse

So... the summerhouse. You can read the story about how it came to be HERE. And now it is a reality. Or rather, a dream come true. Sure enough, it is not finished yet. The windows need more attention, as do the double doors that open to a deck, which has not been built yet. But the house has seen many happy hours already. We've entertained friends there, and we've enjoyed lovely quiet time there, just by ourselves. A sweet young couple has spent several nights there, staying warm and cosy by the light of the fire.

And now let me show you around our little gem of a cottage, the henhouse come summerhouse. White walls and ceiling, recycled old windows and recycled old wood floor.

All the furniture is recycled too. Not a stick of new furniture has been bought for this little room. You might remember the repainted bookshelf from this post. Unfortunately it didn't work in this space after all, as I dearly wanted a table suitable for entertaining. And the limited space just couldn't take both of them.

So we moved my old sewing table from the studio, and luckily it did fit the bill perfectly. When not used for dining, it is pushed against the wall, where it holds a collection of my geraniums (which seem to thrive in these warm, light and protected conditions), and when wanted for dining, the table is moved out into the room.

The white comfy armchair is also from the studio. Within just a few weeks time, it has seen more wear and use, than it ever did during its previous life in the studio. Now it sounds like there is not much left in the way of furniture in the old studio. Not to worry, after a bit of rearranging, all is well in there too (more about the studio in another blogpost).

When the evenings are cool (which they have been a lot this summer), we light the candles and the fire (and perhaps open a bottle of wine...) and there really is nowhere else I'd rather be, than in this little peaceful room, with far reaching views over the open fields and landscape.

Sure, I do have a few things on my wish list for this little space. Some fairy lights over the windows, a few wall lights. And last (but not least) an old chandelier (with candles). (And of course the aforementioned deck, around three sides of the little building, with roses growing along the sides). But all in good time. I'm happy we've got this far, and we thoroughly enjoy our new space. I only wish we'd done it sooner!