torsdag, juli 09, 2015

A little paint job... and some roses

It's been a while since I last held a paintbrush in my hand. Some of you might remember how I, a couple of years back, changed the look of some of our dark furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

But for some reason the colour Provence never felt right for this little book case. And after some rearranging of our furniture this winter, the bookcase was made redundant, and placed in storage in our barn.

You might also remember that we are in the process of redoing our old henhouse into a summerhouse. Now that it is nearing completion, I've started to look around our barn for any available furniture for the summerhouse.

Lo and behold, there it was, the old bookcase. All it needed was a lick of paint (Annie Sloan Old White this time, distressed with dark wax), and it fit perfectly under the windows of the summerhouse, to hold my motley collection of geraniums cuttings.

To make the shelf more resistant to any possible dampness from the old clay pots, some travertine tiles (left over from our bathroom tiling) were placed on top. I'm most pleased with the transformation. As for the transformation of the henhouse itself... we are nearly there, so it won't be long now before I can show you the rest.

On a different note... no post in the summer without a few garden photos. This time a few rose pics.

Roses, they have finally started to bloom. A favourite being David Austin's Constance Spry. Such a lovely big cabbage rose.

Another all time favourite, Felicite Parmentier (with the loveliest scent ever). Speaking of favourites... the lovely Zara is definitely one. What a lucky girl am I? Summerhouse, roses and the sweetest doggie?

mandag, juli 06, 2015

Deck living

The first week of July has been lovely. A true summer's week, sunny and warm. Hot even. All spare time is spent outside, either in the garden, or on the deck.

I do love it when it is warm enough to sit in the shade of the parasol and not feel cold. All our meals are enjoyed outside, and it is usually past midnight before we venture indoors (I do love love the long light Scandinavian summer evenings).

I do also love the rose that has finally grown tall enough to flower over the fence, so that it can be enjoyed from the comfort of the deck. Did I already mention it...? I do LOVE summer!

mandag, juni 29, 2015

Summer it is

My garden is not all there is to my summer, but a big part of my summer is about my garden. Hence more garden photos.

I spend most of the lovely warm days outdoors, preferably amongst the flowers and veggies (I don't mind weeding, in fact I rather enjoy it. As long as there is not too much, that is).

I am happy to say that the days have indeed finally warmed up. Summer was a long time coming this year, but it seems it is finally here.

The first roses have started to bloom. Rather tentatively at first, but the buds promise there is more to come. As for perennials, more are in flower too.

I love this time in the garden, when everything is still fresh and green. And somewhat tidy.

Before it all eventually gets overgrown and unruly...

mandag, juni 22, 2015

A few garden photos

Just a few garden pics tonight. Even though everything seems to be at bit 'late' this year, the garden is still looking rather pretty.

The veggies are coming along nicely, albeit slowly.

I've started to pick lettuce, spinach, radish and chives for the salad bowl. It is such a treat, and a thrill, every year. I can hardly believe my luck.

I've also harvested rhubarb several times already, and will continue to do so. As for potatoes, they too are coming along rather nicely. Strawberries look promising too. We've covered them with netting, in the hope of protecting them from the birds.

I do also have to mention the aquilegias. The are amazing this year. So many different colours. I have a particular soft spot for this pink one.

Even though I've been told that all the different shades will eventually turn into blue (blue being the dominant one). Not that I mind, as I do love the colour blue. Yet there is something rather delightful with the different pastel shades. So I'll just enjoy them while they last...

fredag, juni 19, 2015

The Irish holiday

So... here are a few pics from our lovely Irish holiday. We flew to Dublin, drove over to the west coast, flew with a much smaller plane to the Aran Island of Inis Meáin (the middle one, and least populated, of the three Aran Islands).

We absolutely loved the wild, rugged landscape of the island. So remote, like the rest of the world had ceased to exist. Where nearly every household has a cow or two, with a calf each, in small pastures enclosed by stone walls (that made the island look like one giant patchwork quilt).

One day we took a ferry over, crossing rough seas, to the smaller (but more populated) island of Inis Oírr. The sky was bright blue, and so was the sea. And a most amazing turquoise colour. Stone walls everywhere. Breathtaking views. Love at first sight.

After a few days on the Aran Islands we flew back to the mainland, and headed north, to Connemara, and further to County Donegal. We saw castles (Kylemore Abbey)...

... and some more humble abodes.

More castles (Glenveagh Castle)...

... with wonderful gardens.

Yet one does not need to visit grand dwellings with amazing gardens to see beauty. It is all around. Lush and green...

... with the most beautiful coastline (both pics from County Donegal).

In Donegal we stayed at Frewin House (part to the group of Historic Private Country Houses of Hidden Ireland)

But all wonderful things tend to come to an end. The cows came home... and so did we. Only lovely memories (and hundreds of photos) remain. Until next time...

søndag, juni 14, 2015

It's been a while...

Just a quick hello... And a little garden update. We are only just back from a wonderful holiday in Ireland. We've had the most amazing time, and once I've edited the nearly 700 photos I took I'll be able to show you some.

But for now a few pics from my garden will have to do. I always hate to leave the garden this time of year, never quite knowing what happens in my absence, but nothing much had. Due to the rather chilly weather the plants had not really grown as much as I'd expected.

But I dare say I'll be busy in the garden, just the same, as there is always something (a lot!) to do. Compared to last year, not many flowers are in bloom yet, and it will be quite some time before the first roses will flower. Not to worry, they are worth the wait, I'm sure.

Even though it is lovely to go away, it is wonderful to be back home. I look forward to spending time in the garden, as this really is the loveliest season there is (but then I believe I said it in May too...)

I hope to have some photos to show you from our Irish holiday next time.

torsdag, mai 28, 2015

Fire and wool

My little knitting project is finally finished. I give you... the tweedy cushion! Which started out back in February. This is, of course, a third take over this particular style. The first one has been gifted away, so no longer in my possession. The second one was my Christmas take over the first one (with a bit of tweaking included = a button opening).

And now this third one (also a bit more tweaking = a wider contrast border) is a final one. Not that I do not enjoy knitting these cushions. The colour options and combinations are endless, but there are only so many cushions a girl needs. Of the same type or variations thereof. Don't you think?

And what do you know... I've got a fire going this evening. In May! Which continues to be unseasonably chilly. A fire is, of course, always a comfort. As is a woolly cushion and a soft throw (yet to be finished!) The funny thing is, this photo could just as well have been taken in January. Fire and wool. Not much spring over these pics. Maybe tomorrow will be a warmer day (I'm happy to pack away the woolly cushion until a more suitable time. More like autumn...)