fredag, oktober 24, 2014

On my needles

The rain keeps pouring down (whatever happened to the beautiful, golden October days, with low autumn sun, soft breeze and colourful leaves everywhere...?)

In between the downpours I have managed to get the spring bulbs in the ground (and quite a few in a couple of pots as well), but there's still plenty to do before I can say the garden is ready for winter.

So... most of my days are spent indoors, close to the wood burner (thank goodness for the wood burner for keeping us toasty warm). With a pair of needles in my hand.

So what is it going to be...? All will be revealed in good time. All I can say at the moment is that I rather enjoy working with these autumnal colours. A little bit of burnt orange, and a fair bit of mousey grey. Both of them in lovely soft wool.

I'm still hoping for more of those golden October days, but even if it ends up raining for the rest of the month I shan't complain, as the wool and needles will keep me busy, and the fire warm and cosy.

lørdag, oktober 18, 2014

October garden

What can I say...? I'm speechless, after having read your incredibly kind words in regards to my blog's 8th anniversary. And, truth be told, rather humbled. In this fast moving time and age, where interests and fads come and go, it is hard to believe that one insignificant blog about one quiet life in the countryside should have such a long internet life, thanks to its faithful and generous readers. Thank you!

Even though I now have a renewed spring in my step, the world outside is looking rather dim and bleak at the moment. The beautiful September is long gone, and we are left with a very grey and wet October. The other day we had the very first snowfall of the season. In the middle of the blizzard I went out to rescue my poor potato plants, managing to break the pot and saucer in the process. I believe it is time to move them under cover before long.

On a more cheerful note, we did have the good sense to dig up the remaining potatoes before the blizzard, and the spuds are now safely stored in a cool, dry outbuilding. We have been most pleased with our potato crop, a good outcome out of a relatively small input.

A few brave flowers are still blooming, despite the dismal conditions. It is a special joy to pick one of these now, when any flower from the garden is a rare treat. Soon enough I'll have to resort to shop bought flowers (even though I do secretly look forward to the first hyacinths and amaryllis...)

I have started to tidy up the flowerbeds for winter. There is a good deal to do, as I dig up, divide, and even remove some of the perennials, before giving the lot a fresh layer of top soil. A dear friend has also given me lots of lovely new plants from her garden, which I need to find room for.

Yesterday I happened on a nursery which sold all their spring bulbs at half price. Needless to say, I was rather tempted, and now I've got quite a few lovely bulbs to put to bed before winter. A few sunny days to carry out all this activity would be most welcome...

onsdag, oktober 15, 2014

Worth celebrating...?

Never did I think, back in October 2006, that my blog 'Mias Landliv' would still be here, eight years down the line. But it is.

The idea back then, as it is now, was to record my life on our smallholding, here in Norway.

These eight years have included beloved critters, furry...

... and feathery.

As well as crafty endeavours...

... such as sewing, knitting and crocheting.

A whole lot of decorating, as well as gardening, has taken place. And a little bit of cooking and baking.

And now, eight years down the line, I wonder whether any of my early readers are still here? I also wonder why you, yes YOU, have chosen to look into my little world. Please indulge me and tell me...? I would dearly love to know.

I'm not sure eight years of blogging is worthy of a celebration, but it certainly is a perfect time to thank you for being such a wonderful group of readers. Without you I'm sure I would not have kept at it for (more or less) eight whole years. I am forever grateful. You make it worth my while. Thank you!

mandag, oktober 06, 2014

'Grey skies'

Back in June I started stitching this hexie quilt that made me think of autumn (not that I was ready for it back then).

Now that I've been working on the quilt for a while, it makes me think not just of autumn, but of grey skies (so typical of autumn, of course). I didn't really enjoy stitching it in the middle of summer, when the sun was bright, the sky blue and the garden green and lush.

But now that autumn really is here, I find it quite delightful to work with these soft, quiet colours. To stitch them together, into what I hope to be a beloved autumn quilt.

I love the bluey grey fabrics, the soft linens and the little rougher ticking and tweed. Along with a bit of Cabbages & Roses prettiness (a bit of prettiness is always welcome, don't you think...?)

Now, well into October, the world ablaze with fierce autumn colours, I find 'the grey skies' rather pleasant indeed...

lørdag, oktober 04, 2014

Old book love

I like old things, things that have had a prior life, things with history. I find it comforting to be surrounded by things with a story to tell. I even like the smell of old things.

Now I'm the lucky owner of just such things. The smell is there, the previous life is evident, even the stories are there, only I'm not able to read them, as most of them are in French, a language I unfortunately do not comprehend.

The story goes like this; an elderly couple spent most of their life collecting old books. When they passed away, their property was sold to developers, and the contents were to be disposed of. Before the books were thrown away I was asked whether I wanted a fraction of their extensive library. My heart went out to those old, now unwanted, books.

So a few of the beautiful old leather bound books ended up here, in our hallway. On bookshelves we had previously rescued, and had in storage (for quite some time) in our barn. The hallway is now somewhat darker than it used to be. But I rather like it, smell and all...

End of story. And Milo seems to approve too...

tirsdag, september 30, 2014

Still a handful...

Remember these two...? They are here again... still as delightful as last time. And a handful!

September has been gorgeous. And this last day of the month has been just a lovely as the rest. There is a golden glow about the place, the colours are changing, the leaves are thinning out, and it's plain to see that the season has changed.

Zara and Milo have made the most of the beautiful September days. As have I. I ended up cutting back all the geraniums (as seen in my previous post). As well as the large older ones, which have now been placed in storage for the duration of the winter. In case you wondered...

Now the frosty nights are here, we are ready to welcome October, and the colder months ahead. How about you...?

fredag, september 26, 2014

Where to put them all...?

I like geraniums (my favourite pot plant). This spring I took a whole lot of cuttings from some of the older plants. Over summer they have thrived and grown into good size plants.

Yet they are still too small for the insulated outhouse, where I store (and water sparingly) all my summer plants over winter. So I've brought them indoors, and just in time too, as the first autumn storm rages outside.

Now the problem is where to put them all? All the window sills are full of geraniums. And there's still more. Too many plants, and not enough space. Before long it will look like jungle indoors.

Yet I can't bear to get rid of any of them either (every winter a few of the older ones die, so it's good to have a few spare ones). Maybe I should just cut them all down, making them a little less prominent, but lose all the pretty flowers in the process. What to do...?