fredag, september 26, 2014

Where to put them all...?

I like geraniums (my favourite pot plant). This spring I took a whole lot of cuttings from some of the older plants. Over summer they have thrived and grown into good size plants.

Yet they are still too small for the insulated outhouse, where I store (and water sparingly) all my summer plants over winter. So I've brought them indoors, and just in time too, as the first autumn storm rages outside.

Now the problem is where to put them all? All the window sills are full of geraniums. And there's still more. Too many plants, and not enough space. Before long it will look like jungle indoors.

Yet I can't bear to get rid of any of them either (every winter a few of the older ones die, so it's good to have a few spare ones). Maybe I should just cut them all down, making them a little less prominent, but lose all the pretty flowers in the process. What to do...?

søndag, september 21, 2014

A bit of rescue and a slight change of heart

The weather man tells us we are to expect this season's first frost any day (or should I say night?) now. With this in mind I went into the garden today, to pick a bouquet of annuals, to rescue (so to speak) a few of them before the dreaded frost puts an end to it all.

And not just annuals. I also picked a bouquet of mint, which is now drying in the kitchen. I've not dried mint ever before, even though it's been growing in my garden for years. It remains to be seen what good use I'll put it into over the coming months. To garnish soups and stews. Salads even. Or to make some tea, maybe...

I've also had a slight change of heart when it comes to decor, since this entry. As previously stated, this September has been a lovely, mild one. More like summer than autumn, really. So the brown just didn't seem right.

And now that autumn and cold weather actually is round the corner, I suddenly found myself craving for colour. Pretty fresh pastels. Out with the brown (never to return...?) and in with pinks and blues.

Yes, that's better. As much as I love seasonal decorating, I just don't seem to get it right. So better just stick to what I love, and leave it at that...

tirsdag, september 16, 2014


Even though we've had the most glorious September so far, more reminiscent of summer than autumn, there is no doubt that the seasons are indeed changing.

The leaves on the birches have turned yellow and brown, and have quietly started to fall. Almost unnoticed at first, but quite obvious now. And the rose hips have turned a delicious orangey red.

In the veggie garden sugar snaps have not given up yet, and keep on climbing upwards on the arches, and keep producing copious amounts of delicious green peas.

While we've already dug up (and eaten!) one whole raised bed's worth of potatoes. They (the potatoes, that is) are quite unbelievably delicious, and digging them up is pure joy. Like finding gold.

So far we've not had any night frosts. So the rest of the potatoes will remain in the ground for the time being. While carrots, parsnips and beets will only benefit from a frosty night or two. But I'm not quite ready for that change yet. The cold. Let's just keep it like this a little bit longer...

lørdag, september 13, 2014

Relative success

Do you happen to remember how I, way back in March, dreamt of growing stocks. How I promised to show you the results, if they were a success. And should the result be quite the opposite, nothing more would be said. Well, what can I say...?

Success in this case is highly relative. After having cosseted the seedlings for half a year, this is what I have to show for my efforts. A little bunch of flowers (which includes bouquet 'fillers' like mint, oregano, and a few other late bloomers). Pretty enough, but far from the image, or the amount, of the seed packet.

Not quite sure worth the effort, really. And highly unlikely I'm about to repeat the exercise next spring. But the fragrance is lovely. And any flower at this late stage is welcome enough.

On a different note... thank you so much for all your lovely comments in regards to my previous entry. You are too kind ;-)

tirsdag, september 09, 2014

My studio

One lovely reader has asked me to do a blog post about my studio. So, even though there have been quite a few glimpses of the studio over the years, here's a whole (long!) blog post about this special room of mine. Or rather, little house of mine, as that is really what it is. A cubby house.

The old white cupboard is my favourite piece of furniture in this room. It is where I store my quilts and blankets when not in use (I like to refresh the look of my home by changing quilts, cushions and even slip covers around, all according to will and season). Also, it is where most of my fabric and wool is stored, in the white boxes.

More storage space for various cushion covers, slip covers and extra tablecloths is to be found in this lovely, roomy wicker chest. Speaking of wicker... I'm most fond of baskets, and carry my various quilt- and crochet WIP's with me most everywhere.

More containers and boxes for wool, fabrics and various projects. These cardboard boxes (from Ikea), are wonderful for storing fabrics, sorted according to colour and potential new quilt projects.

I am not one for clutter. Even though I'm fascinated by colourful piles of fabrics in other quilter's craft rooms, for my own room I prefer visual calm, so mine is stored out of sight, in (labelled) boxes and containers.

A little tray for scissors, tape measurer, rotary cutter, needles and pins.

I love the generous amount of daylight in my little studio. In the summer months the light is dappled, filtered through leafy trees, while in the darker months the low winter light shines straight in.

I am usually one for silence, but while sewing I do enjoy listening to music, played by my trusty old iPod.

The white chair, with its comfy proportions, is perfect for lounging and reading. And maybe even for a nap, even though the day bed is to be preferred for that particular activity...

Aaah, the day bed. A wonderful thing to have in a room of ones own.

So, there you have it. My studio. My sanctuary. Where everything is just the way I like it. It is a joy to have a room of ones own. To be able to potter around, and leave it all when needed, only to return a day of two later, and find everything just the way I left it.

torsdag, september 04, 2014

Apple sauce and ploughed fields

Even though the days are still warm (low twenties during the day), there are many signs of the changing season, that autumn is fast approaching.

One of them is the ripening apples in our garden. Although we are not about to have a bumper crop, there is enough to make some apple sauce. I make mine simple; peel, core and chop the apples, add a bit of water and sugar to taste, give them a boil and let simmer till soft.

I know one can add all sorts of lovely things into the concoction, like cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar and apple cider, to name a few. And maybe I'll try some of them one day. But so far, simple does it.

Another definite sign of the changing season is farmers busy on the fields with their tractors, ploughing. I'm not too fond of the dark soil all around, but I know it is part of the package of living in the countryside. Every season does have its charms, regardless...

tirsdag, september 02, 2014

Autumn living

September already... and a definite feel of autumn in the air. Even though the days are still rather warm, the nights draw in early, and there is a chill to the night air.

The colours outdoors are slowly changing into more mellow and autumnal ones. So I wanted to create a bit of autumn feel indoors too.

I made this loose cover years ago, and it has been (hiding) in storage for goodness knows how long. Time to dig it out of its hiding place, I thought. A bit unusual for me to have such dark colour around, but so far I rather like it.

And I definitely like it with a bit of my favourite denim blue. Along with a sheepskin from one of our sheep. Lovely mellow brown shades. I believe I'm about to welcome autumn...